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  1. How do I downgrade the standalone version?

    Thank you, but I already own the Steam version, and hate having to start Steam every single time I am on RPG Maker MV, which was the only reason I also purchased the standalone version. I found the solution though; there is a full download of version 1.5.2 over at...
  2. Announcement RPG Maker MV - v1.6.1 Stable Release!

    "Fix to the freeze when changing screen in-game" Was this issue also present in version 1.5.2? As users who have played my game have reported this same problem to me. If it was also present in version 1.5.2, does anyone know what changes were done to have it resolved?
  3. How do I downgrade the standalone version?

    I know how to downgrade on Steam, but how do I downgrade the version I bought from I only have the option to download version 1.6.1.
  4. Announcement RPG Maker MV - v1.6.1 Stable Release!

    Has RPG Maker MV ever been discounted on the official site? I know it's discounted on Steam right now, but I want the non-Steam version, as I already have the Steam version, and having to run Steam every single time I want to start RPG Maker MV is annoying the heck out of me. I don't want to pay...
  5. Event Indicators (Quest Markers)

    Anyone has the latest version (v0.3.2) ? The download links are down. (edit) Found it here: Indicators
  6. What Version of RPG Maker MV are you still using?

    Still on 1.4, as I'm using custom plugins that aren't compatible with 1.5.1
  7. Preload Manager

    Can anyone confirm that this plugin doesn't work when you encrypt your pictures/audio during deployment? I have an endless loading screen when I use encryption. It works flawlessly when I disable encryption though.
  8. Galv's Basic Event Shadows

    Thank you for your reply, Galv! It actually worked after I removed the <shadow> from the event notes, but left it as a comment. It seems for some reason it won't work when they're both there. Appreciate the help :)
  9. Galv's Basic Event Shadows

    Great plugin, but unfortunately it has a problem. I place an autorun event, inside the autorun event I place a switch that turns on, the switch activates another event (using Event Conditions), which has the shadow notetag. When the event appears, it doesn't show the shadow.
  10. How do I change my name?

    I assume it depends where you live. Here you need a lawyer to lodge a petition to the courts. PS: Try using the "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page.
  11. Screen effects over pictures?

    Yeah, I'm an idiot :D I just noticed that the SRD_CameraCore and SRD_SmoothCamera plugins were causing the issue.
  12. Screen effects over pictures?

    Sorry, too noob to understand :D
  13. Screen effects over pictures?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there's a way to make screen effects work on top of pictures (shown using the "Show Picture" command? Right now when I place a picture between a fade in/fade out, it won't fade in/fade out the Picture that is shown. The pictures always appear on top. I know that the...
  14. PIXI errors in console log (ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)

    Does anyone have an idea what could be causing these PIXI errors in the console log? Why would it be looking for a .map file? Thanks!
  15. More pictures script?

    Whatcha talkin' bout willis? There is no limit for pictures (assuming you're talking about the Show Picture option).

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