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    RMMV Path Of A Samurai - *NEW updates!*

    I still want to play this game, the art and the atmosphere looks great :cutesmile: I'm looking forward to play a demo :thumbsup-right:
  2. LeeAceSan

    Changing max speed over 6 for an event

    Oh my gosh, it's work perfectly ! Thank you so much :D:rock-right:
  3. LeeAceSan

    Changing max speed over 6 for an event

    Thanks for the information :cutesmile: Maybe someone know, how to do this ?
  4. LeeAceSan

    Changing max speed over 6 for an event

    Hi everyone :cutesmile: I just want to know please, if it's possible to change the maximum speed over 6 for an event ? With a script call, it will be cool :thumbsup-right: Thank's ;_;
  5. LeeAceSan

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Eremiel - Source project now available!

    That's awesome Frogboy, so kind of you, it's not everyone who would do that. I appreciate it :thumbsup-right: I working hard on my game, I want to make something like megaman battle network for the battle system. I will publish a demo when the battle system will be ok, I will keep you informed.
  6. LeeAceSan

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    In fact my problem was a misenderstanding of the Yanfly's plugin :guffaw: Now it's working properly, so nice ! Yeah I read a dozen of times the documentations but sometimes it's hard for me to fully understand, because it's not my native tong :| But with your answer you illuminated my brain...
  7. LeeAceSan

    DeVine: World of Shadows

    Wow It's inspiring... The true D E T E R M I N A T I O N. You can be proud of you and now, you can tell to people : "I made a game B)" Thanks ! :cutesmile::rock-right:
  8. LeeAceSan

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    Thanks again FrogBoy, I didn't know this plugin. I played Eremiel, That exactly what I want to do. The problem is when I activate a Self Switch with Galv plugin here : "Premade 1 : -1,0,8,6,'bulletBlast',1,'|c(1),S(1 : on)',[1],[],3,1,60" It's doesn't work, but with classical switch, it's...
  9. LeeAceSan

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    Thank's Galv, this plugin is awesome, I try to create a battle system with it :D Someone can help me please, I want to do that : When the projectile from the player touch the "event 1 (enemy 1)" --> Life Point - 1 I think, I need to use this command : "Galv.PROJ.ceTargetId()" But I don't...
  10. LeeAceSan

    [FROG] Trigger Distance - Fire touch events at a distance

    Too much complicated, I suspected it :D Anyway, your plugin is great, full of possibility with it :):thumbsup-right: Thanks for taking time to answer me :cutesmile:
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    DeVine: World of Shadows

    I can't imagine the amount of work you puted on it :o How many years you dedicated on ? Yeah your problem is the visibility, if I were you, I will contact all the small youtuber, between 100 and 1000 subcribers, and I will send them a free copy of my game, hoping that some of them make a video...
  12. LeeAceSan

    [FROG] Trigger Distance - Fire touch events at a distance

    My rpg maker is in french, but I made this picture to explain you in detail, I hope it's not confusing :cutesmile: Cheers
  13. LeeAceSan

    [FROG] Trigger Distance - Fire touch events at a distance

    What ? You did it !? Oh my gosh, thank you so much Frogboy :o:thumbsup-right: I will try this, thanks again dude ! :D Edit : I'm not able to do what I want ^^ I want to make my enemy die if he enter in the radius. Please :D I will be so happy if it's work.
  14. LeeAceSan

    RMVXA Bushido the Way of Men

    Great news ! I'm looking forward to play a demo :rock-left:
  15. LeeAceSan

    Dragonball FighterZ

    For me, the last DB game was tenkaichi 3 on PS2 ! :mrsatan: <- Mister Satan I want to play but I don't have money :thumbsup-left::troll:

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