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Automatic level scaling without an option to turn it off can be a very bad choice for a game. The worst I've ever seen was in Nightmare of Druaga, where if a power outage made your system turn off, the game detects it as an attempted cheat and overwrites your save while taking away your best gear, leaving you unable to progress at the late stages of the game, and unable to recover.
Problem with sequels: Heroes getting rid of all their items and forgets all of their skills within the span of a year without explanation. :kaomad3:
I can see the end of my prologue. Perfect time to decide to pull everything over into MZ, right? Right?!
Excited to be nearing the end of setting up my own custom Point-And-Click system template! Just need to iron out some kinks, get an input text system going, add animations to buttons, and then finalize my button-mashing event system and it'll be complete >:3c
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