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    Letting the Player choose their stats.

    Yeah, no plugin necessary for this, why was this moved? Use a variable for your points. Use "Change parameter..." it's not that hard.
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    How to assign a common event to a key on my keyboard?

    That's for MV. This is in the VX ACE forum...
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    How do you deal with controversy over your game?

    I think there is a very, very fine line between making a game for an intended target demographic... and accidentally closing the doors for other potential demographics. That being said I don't think it's possible to make every gamer happy. I saw on your game's thread that you put a disclaimer...
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    Thank you for showing me these! Those are nice; they're a bit of a Japanese style motorcycle. I was thinking of more of an American style, though. Maybe if it gets edited to have the long handlebars instead?
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    I posted for the hopes of getting decorative tiles, but if I think about it, functional ones would be pretty cool to have as well. Do whatever you wanna do though!
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    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Description: I would like to request a general-nothing-in-particular-looking motorcycle; from the side would be the most important, from other angles would be appreciated but not necessarily required. However, it's important that it would look...
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    Hello all!

    Hello :kaohi: my account is kinda old, too, but I recently got back into RPG Maker. What do you wanna make?
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    @Tuomo L my only critique is that she is only a secret character. SHE NEEDS HER OWN SPIN OFF GAME! I DEMAND THAT THE GOAT BE FOUND!
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    @Andronius , I think you're right :kaopride: I just have it in my head that maybe, 1 or 2 years down the line, I can turn my project into a commercial success... But I think it's more important to just do what I want in the meantime. Creativity cannot flow if I worry about what others think too...
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    Character Selection

    In the Database, go to system, and right-click delete every actor from "starting party" in the upper left corner. Of course, you're still gonna have a player on the map no matter what, but they'll appear blank now. In your opening cut scene event, you need to add "Change party member..." (first...
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    Character Selection

    Adding to what Andar said, the easiest way to keep track of who is selected as your character throughout the game is by using a variable. Call the variable something like "ActorSelected", then set the variable when the player is choosing who they want to play. Have 1 = Annaik, 2 = Laika and so...
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    How to Handle a Romance...

    I'm not in this thread just to sit around and tell people what to do with their game, lol, I'm just stating my preferences. :kaoswt2: Fallout 4 might be a good example of that? (As very flawed as that game is, haha!)
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    How to Handle a Romance...

    I never said anybody had to do anything, I'm just offering my opinion on the matter. If romance is a part of a specific game's role-playing experience, in my opinion, it should be as open as any other choice it offers. I'm not saying all JRPGs or story lines with pre-defined characters should...
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    @Anthony Xue I certainly will try that; I think "a game about shapeshifting" might work slightly better, haha. @Lyseth I would personally avoid calling someone "Bastion"; I know a bastion is a real thing, but my first thought was "Overwatch!" Also, Babylon was a real place. Does your game...
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    @Andronius , can you elaborate on what you mean by this, exactly? Anyways, hello thread :kaohi:I'd like some feedback on a quick and simple question I have: How original can a story about vampires and werewolves be nowadays, if at all? glances at my icon My ideas are, well, sort of cliché at...

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