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    Finding Ruby/Javascript Similarities

    Be very careful treating `this` like `self`:
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    You Type Too Much

    My recent conference talk just got posted. Could be useful to a lot of people here. Fair warning, the cameraman left autofocus on so some areas are obscured. The git repo I link to in the comments has all the information and slides that reference everything, so that should cover those holes...
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    We need a guide to MV's base scripts!

    As a professional programmer, the myth that you need to suffer through crap documentation is absolutely toxic. Take a look at Rails, EmberJS, and Spark. They have fantastic documentation, resources, comments, and community help. Go to the polar opposite and you have most apache products. Poor...
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    JS equivalent of .method().call()?

    If you mean a dynamic name: object[method]() object[method].call() object[method].apply()
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    Testing / NPM / Transpiling

    The only way I can reasonably test the current code is if I port it to RequireJS modules or do some really hacky inclusions with eval.
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    Random Art Thread

    Playing around with some Prismacolor markers again.
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    Brain Exercises for JS

    Question is, how much speed do you gain for the obscurity of it? Not everyone's going to have experience bit-twiddling, and even fewer have read things like Hacker's Delight. I just feel like this isn't likely to be your main bottleneck of performance.
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    Back into Space Art

    Back playing around in Photoshop making some space art. Been quite a while.
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    Testing / NPM / Transpiling

    Fair warning ahead of time on this post, this is going to range far more into production Javascript practices I've used at work. So then, to start off with, what is the general stance towards testing? To cover mine: What is testing? Whenever I'm writing any code I want to be sure works...
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    Conditional return

    You do know you could literally just put puts in front of that right? name = 'Contra'_, index = ["Super Mario Bros.", "Contra", "Metroid", "Mega Man 2"].each_with_index.find { |g| g == name }puts if "Game #{name} found: #{name} at index #{index}."else "Game #{name} not found."end
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    RGSS4 I'll just leave this here :3 It should be noted that a certain Lemur isn't opposed to the idea of consultancy in building things out in Ruby.
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    the explaination of the keyword "then"?

    Most of the time you should just use suffix expressions: foo = bar if baz
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    RGSS: functional vs imperative

    ...wait, what now? Functional programming is not inherently tied to recursion you know. The key ideas behind functional programming are: Immutability - all variables are final Idempotance - a function can be applied multiple times without changing the result First Class Functions - You can...
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    Differencies in module functions?

    That I'm aware of, no, but it's bad form to put a bunch of static methods on a module if it's not something of a library of functions like Math and friends. Normally the second form is preferred as it's very explicit about what it is up front. The third form can lead to confusion from a cursory...
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    Ruby to C# -> Unity do realize I just said I was starting this right? I don't know what's possessed you to go on that tirade, but whenever I've very clearly stated that something is a new project that seems pretty asinine to call it not stable enough or theoretical. Of course it's not, it's a new project.

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