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  • Writing out an idea for the No Travel Game Jam. I have a general plot and challenge written out, it's just a matter of filling the rest in and making it interesting.
    Black Pagan
    Black Pagan
    How many maps are you going to make ? As for me, I plan to make only like 6 maps or so for the whole game.
    Based on where I'm going with things it could be one big exterior map for the town proper and a bunch of interiors (for houses). I may decide to split things up or add maps for special areas but I'm not at that stage yet.
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Potato The game! Few concepts for characters to my game.
Well, well, well, well....Lemme get a look at this fanart.
The Google Play rating for one of my games finally rose above 4.0 after getting review-bombed from a $0 sale. Now the game's sales are doing much better when discounted, so that's nice.
I'm getting close to releasing a demo. Working on formatting my Games in Development post.
I always see a few people asking for C# in next engine and I always thought: Do I not know enough about that language to tell it will affect extensibility and customizability to the negative? Watching a video from SumRndmDde today I feel confirmed.

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