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You know, I don't wish death on anything... There won't be any actual deaths in my games. I feel like it is an overused emotional trigger. But.. there is one thing I wish would just hurry up and die already. Like, seriously... why do you cling to life... Betelgeuse?! HURRY UP AND EXPLODE IN A GLORIOUS SUPERNOVA ALREADY!!
i never make fun of depressed people because even i feel it too. i know this feeling will go away but when im not at work or working on something i dislike very much the dark thoughts that enter my mind. big family definitely helps me not feel alone wen they get home tho , so thats good.
my inside A2 page is at a full rough draft now, as is my inside B page. Inside A4 has most of the walls I am using but is only about half full, and I have just started a rough draft of an inside C page.
My older brother and his family are arriving tomorrow from America for a holiday her in England. Been many years since I last seen them. Happy times.

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