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  1. VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Hello. Is it possible to use animation from Spine 2d in the Dragonbones Union plugin? Or somehow adapt these animations.
  2. Rarely closing MZ when opening a file selection window.

    I have exactly the same problem. Steam is installed in c\games. The error is very rare. I don't have any antiviruses, except for the built-in one.
  3. Galv's Layer Graphics MZ

    rmmz_managers.js:2030 TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of undefined at Game_Map.createNoteLayers (GALV_LayerGraphicsMZ.js:572) at Game_Map.setup (GALV_LayerGraphicsMZ.js:562) at Game_Player.performTransfer (rmmz_objects.js:8145) at Scene_Map.onMapLoaded...
  4. Sandbox Map for MZ

    Thanks. I looked, great job!
  5. Sandbox Map for MZ

    Will there be a video with a demonstration of the plugin's capabilities?
  6. Bug Time Progress(Active)

    This is strange. Then why was it necessary to add something that does not work as it should? There you just need to add a new item that will check the events of the battle every turn.
  7. Bug Time Progress(Active)

    Will it ever be redone?
  8. Bug Time Progress(Active)

    Yes, I understand that, but I think that this is a mistake, since in this battle system it does not make sense. And there is no alternative setting for this system.
  9. Bug Time Progress(Active)

    Выплюнули= end of the status.
  10. Bug Time Progress(Active)

    1 I have an enemy that imposes the status of swallowed for 1-3 moves. in the events of the battle, everything is written as in the screenshots. During an active battle. Events are triggered absolutely randomly. For example, the status has already been passed, but the enemy has not yet...
  11. Bug Time Progress(Active)

    1 The "turn end" setting is triggered absolutely randomly. It seems to me that in such a battle, every move should be like the "turn end" . 2 If you do not walk, then after a while the enemies freeze and do not fight.
  12. Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    No Target weapon - weapon that don't need a selected target and don't using auto attack. For perform attack you need press Attack (⌨️ A) (or left click on enemy or control panel attack button) This also affects the skills.
  13. Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

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