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  • Wish I was better at art, specifically that I was faster at it, bc this one NPC took Several Days to complete! It's gonna take So Extremely Long to do all of the art for my game, never mind writing it... Anyways, here's my gorgon, Hopernica Sthyxis!

    @Featherbrain Oh my god, I feel that!! Eventually I'm going to want to do the sideview battle sprites for everyone as well, but I will be putting that off for as long as possible because I am incredibly intimidated by the concept ahaha. And thank you! <3
    omg i love this style so much! i love that there's enough space in the sprite to make some fairly intricate details, like the snakes and the belt buckles and her fishnet top it's all so super cute..

    can't wait to see it in context!
    @spillycup Ahhhh thank you so much! Having enough space to show some fun details like that was defs important to me — I cant wait to share more! :D
    Having one of those "wish I could just quit my job. Wish I could just get paid to dabble in game dev. Wish UBI was a thing." kind of days. Weeks. Months. Years. And I like my job for the most part! I'm just... tired. Wish I had more freedom and more hours a day to do things I want to do ugh.
    Made my first ever character sprite! Pixel art is new to me though, and I'm not totally happy with it... can anyone give me some feedback on what I can improve?
    Looks good! Only thing I'd say is that the side to side animations look better (and a little more "aggressive") than the up and down ones. The arm bends aren't the same level of change.
    I wish I could give you feedback but I've tried creating a custom character sprite many times and never done that well! Great first attempt!
    Thank you both so much!!! <3 I'll definitely see about making the arm bends more uniform for the up and down sprites!
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After so long, my random sprites set is complete! I wonder who could guess them all? :kaothx:

And yes, I'm doing more.
I'm thinking of devouring some tutorials for RPG Maker MV. Just all kinds: mapping, spriting, programming, ect. the whole works! :)

Maybe videos, my brother and I can sit down and watch them during one of our weekly business meetings.
trying to make a Dialogue Script in Indonesian,first. then translate into English.

this is the reason why i'm terrible at this section beside making the enemies :stare:
Made a Mapping Tutorial on Adding Lighting/Shadows using Tileset

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