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  • Finished the layout for the mansion where the gameplay will mostly occur in! It was kinda tricky to make it work both mechanically and logically, but I made it..!
    Heyo! Sorry for being dead for quite a while. It was mostly my inability to keep doing the same thing for longer than a few weeks (oops), but im back now, yeah. I really need to work on a gameplay part of the project, and not the sprites and concepts. So, see ya when I figure out how to do certain things.
    So this is how the first location's gonna look like. I wanted to make everything quite detailed at some point, but I quickly realized that this is going to be too much work for a first(ish) project. :yswt:
    Another concept art!
    This is the witch's little portrait I've done not so long ago
    More (little outdated) art!
    Right now I'm working on mechanics, more or less essential stuff, and overall look of the game, so I won't be able to provide screenshots for some time.
    I'm working on a project right now... This is going to be a game about this girl on a pic below. She's a maid in a witch's mansion, and she's going to do her usual maid stuff, and nothing weird is going to happen.

    This concept art is a bit dated, but taking a look of some of your old stuff can be both fun and useful!

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I use this image as a joke with my students. If you are creating a horror game, this would be the perfect, subtle hint to the player that here there be Vampires!
So I managed to scare my chief. Between shifts I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, so prior to it I'd told him "If I ain't coming today, they've kept me there.". Then as I was asleep, my phone died. So I overslept and through the entire time I was unreachable.
I spent so much time toiling in VX Ace frankensteining scripts together only for MV to come along and just... have everything.

The overworld tool system in particular I thought was gonna take me a million years to recreate, but nope. Thanks Moghunter.
Going to go live way earlier than usual tonight, pretty much in 20 minutes, purely because I'm bored. :LZSlol:

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