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  • wahh, it's good to be back! A lot of stuff happened (like always lmao) but I've been extremely productive lately, so I decided to hop on back onto the forum I definitely have warm feelings to! haroo eberyoneee :kaohi:
    I just found out that I got a veteran status! Okay! I thought its gonna take some more time, but oh well! I also got a new found love with this forum. It's generally well done by itself, but the community here is also very nice. You guys helped me so much in my gamedev journey and I really appreciate it. :kaoluv:
    Yeah, it's a really nice community. I think you'll like it here. :smile:

    (Sounded a bit like a "Del Webb" commercial there LOL)
    Oh, oh. As someone with the esteemed Veteran status, you have to now answer at least 10 questions for every question that you ask. Otherwise, you won't get your decoder ring mailed to you. Just kidding...or am I? Seriously, welcome back to a great community! And always remember to have FUN!
    Finished the layout for the mansion where the gameplay will mostly occur in! It was kinda tricky to make it work both mechanically and logically, but I made it..!
    Heyo! Sorry for being dead for quite a while. It was mostly my inability to keep doing the same thing for longer than a few weeks (oops), but im back now, yeah. I really need to work on a gameplay part of the project, and not the sprites and concepts. So, see ya when I figure out how to do certain things.
    So this is how the first location's gonna look like. I wanted to make everything quite detailed at some point, but I quickly realized that this is going to be too much work for a first(ish) project. :yswt:
    Another concept art!
    This is the witch's little portrait I've done not so long ago
    More (little outdated) art!
    Right now I'm working on mechanics, more or less essential stuff, and overall look of the game, so I won't be able to provide screenshots for some time.
    I'm working on a project right now... This is going to be a game about this girl on a pic below. She's a maid in a witch's mansion, and she's going to do her usual maid stuff, and nothing weird is going to happen.

    This concept art is a bit dated, but taking a look of some of your old stuff can be both fun and useful!

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Finally started working on my first game, let's see where this gets me :)
Gonna repost this since it's currently tied 1-1! We've seen Strength with our adventurers and Charisma with our merchants, so which DnD stat would you like to see in the next NPC for my advent calendar: Constitution or Wisdom?

And a bonus game: if you can guess what type of character each stat will represent, I’ll make your suggested sprite for Christmas! First person to get it wins, so make your guess!
Steam is going to be forcing me to update my desktop OS for Mac. It's a good thing that my laptop is Windows otherwise some of my work and a lot of game save files for 32-bit games would become unusable for a while.
Last day in Florida and then we head home. It was a fun, relaxing trip with just the wifey poo. Still managed to make some progress on my Game Jam project though.
Never fully realized that I had this account, nice start

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