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    I can't elaborate exactly on what I mean, unless I show you a picture.  When you play as the main character, you walk into the castle. The prince isn't there. When you talk to the king and queen, however, the queen quickly recognizes you as a form of royalty. When you ask for their son, she...
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    Elaborate Multiple NPC Interaction Cutscene?

    Hey! This website has helped me out a lot. I've only had RMVX Ace for two days. I have near to twenty maps, since I decided to get them done before inputting any events. However- in the first scene, it's raining. One of the NPC's is kidnapped by the hooded 'Evil' pixel person, on horseback...

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grief... finding a font that works with the engine has been a bigger process than I thought it'd be. doesn't help MV loves to scrunch letters next to each other like a football huddle.
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R3-M1 can now leave footprints :kaojoy: Thanks Dsiver144 for another amazing plugin!!


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