Liandra Aura

Welcome to my page! My name is Jeremy and I am the Lead Game Director at "All Heroes Lost Productions.” (Not the name of our game)

I've been in the RPGMaker community since long before this site was even a thing. Just a 5th grade student in school with his first computer digging through resources, not knowing whether I could use ripped content or not. Things have changed throughout the years and after coming to know the engines well, I've decided to finally begin work on a pet project that's been in my head for nearly 10 years.

I hope that you will follow my teams work and someday discover the secrets that await you in our undisclosed game title! We will do our very best to bring you a game that pulls at your very soul, connecting you to the characters, the people and leave you wondering if each decision you made could have brought you to a different end result!
Norfolk, VA
About Me
Long time developer and concept designer. Active since illegal rm2k.
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Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Intrigue, Character Depth and Design





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After 3 and half months of my first long term game being playtested it is now in a more polished state. Now I proudly re-present Path of the Martyrs!
I am feeling better about my update schedule, I feel like I am actually getting consistent work done even if it isn’t big updates.
It's a joy to work on a well-made map. I am not regretting this commission in the least!
I'm currently being attacked by the RPG Maker Hydra: fixing one problem only to have two more rise to take its place.
Hey you! Yeah YOU! Whatcha doin' not backing up your projects? You a masochist or sumthin'? GO BACK UP YOUR PROJECTS! Sheeesh... Didn't think I'd hafta spell it out for yas.

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