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    Legal status of RTP music

    Pretty sure that’s a no because SRPG studio is SapphireSoft which isn’t owned by Degica.
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    Actor Battler Portraits based On HP Percentage

    MOG has a plugin for this. I forget which it is but you download the master file anyway.
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    Damian's HUD and Boss Bar Resources: Persona Inspired Boss Bar!

    last post was in June. Better to DM him than necro post
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    Lack of motivation lately. Not loss of interest. Just rough time with life in general.

    Lack of motivation lately. Not loss of interest. Just rough time with life in general.
  5. Liandra Aura

    your pet at their best moment!

    Jiji wrestling with my hand :)
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    The “How was Work?” Thread

    The military? :p
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    Classic PC style tilesets

    Top down is completely doable using the shift key, the shadow tool and your own custom walking sprites. But as others have said, TF with more contrast.
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    Koulucky's Art Gallery

    I wonder if it’s coincidence but a few of those look like they were inspired by Wayne Reynolds, the artist for Paizo.
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    Classic PC style tilesets

    I need a screenshot of what you’re referring to...
  10. Liandra Aura


    Sorry to see you leave. Hope things go better for you elsewhere.
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    Avy's MV Stuff ~ Newest: Villager girl and Goddess Sprite

    Thank you very much, Avery.
  12. Liandra Aura

    (MV) Looking for a Certain Battleback

    Add a little grass fluff and vines to the edges and that’ll work perfectly.
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    RMVXA Consistency Between Sprites and Portraits

    If you decide to stick with the watercolor painting style, I would refine it a bit and get more practice. I’d also make to include the watercolor style in the GUI.
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    When did you start RMing and what software you use first time?

    RPGMaker 2000 ripped by Don Miguel. started sometime in 2003 or 2004. My name was Master_Uei back then (charas-project). I “finished” a project in 2005 but my brother deleted it through the software (bypasses trash bin). Been on and off since but going strong now :)
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    Add-On Content Released By Date

    Caethyril in to save the day as usual lol.

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