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    So it's been a LOOOONG time since I participated here but this new MV maker has me excited.. I spent months on my still in development VX Ace game and at some stage, when my son is a bit older, I'd like to continue on.. is MV going to allow import of VX Ace projects, does anyone know?
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    I've had a total of 300 calories and the day is almost over... but I am on a diet afterall :)

    I've had a total of 300 calories and the day is almost over... but I am on a diet afterall :)
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    RPG Maker: Futuristic Tiles Resource Pack

    Yup.. the guide.. even if you manually copy the files into the correct folders, you will still need to add them to the database...
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    Favorite Childhood Game

    From my earliest memories my favourite games would have to be: Joust (Atari 2600) Barnstorming (Atari 2600) Zork (Apple II) Rescue Raiders (Apple II) Too many to list really.. but those are my earliest memories.. there were a few other text based games I used to play alot on the Vic20 as well.
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    Steam Sale Y'all

    Interesting.. yeh I do my Steam key for the product.. but I don't like messing around like that.. I'll just stick to my Member+ discounts and Degica sales (like Golden Week etc)
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    A good place to start would be: Not sure if you will find anything there but it's worth a try EDIT: Just a quick flick through the list and found one link there.. About a third of the way down...
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    Steam Sale Y'all

    Curious.. if I have bought RPG VX Ace through Degica (sorry if that's not spelled correctly), will any resource packs I buy through Steam be useable with my Degica version of Ace both in terms of legality/licence and also in terms of where and how the files are stored/updated etc
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    Games you acknowledge are good but still don't like.

    There are a lot of games I've bought or wanted to play and then decided were simply not for me.. and I do feel they are good games.. just not my style. Maybe I used to like these types of games or maybe all my friends said it was good and I tried it out etc.. Magicka springs to mind...
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    Create a game then get bored

    Not really.. I do occasionally lose motivation to work on my project or life takes me away from it (like currently we are prepairng for my wife to give birth in November, so lots of things to do) and so on.. but when you have actual spare time you can choose to work on your project or not...
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    Need help with High fantasy mega pack overlay folder.

    Now that I look at the folder, since I've yet to get around to using them to make a game, I am wondering this too.. how does the rain pictures work? And if the cloudshadow pictures are just overlays.. do they not move across the map in an animated way?
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    Decent article on Sid Meier on Kotaku. Some tips and tricks for game design buried in there...

    Decent article on Sid Meier on Kotaku. Some tips and tricks for game design buried in there too...
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    ShinGamix's Super Art WorkShop [Re-open for 2017]

    RTP is the default resources that come with the maker application. When someone says that their game uses only RTP, it means they haven't sourced any custom sprites, tilesets or graphics for their game. They're just using what came with the maker and nothing else.
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    Mapping Helpdesk [Last update: Mountains (17th April) and Misc answers (18th)]

    I read through your Mapping Tips for a Town/Village and there is a couple of maps I will be doing of sea ports.. I can handle all the town stuff itself.. but what I am having the most trouble with is the port itself and making it look like a port.. some tips and ideas specifically relating to...
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    Video Clips Best Size & Format To Use

    I would probably look for a script that plays videos and then see what that script supports or recommends..
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    ShinGamix's Super Art WorkShop [Re-open for 2017]

    Hi.. what I am looking for is a way to make my title screen look better. In the end I will likely want to have multiple background images using some sort of script to cycle through them (possibly Moghunter's script).. however I want some kind of overlay that I can throw on top of the screens or...

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