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    RMMZ Alpha NET Z. Multiplayer and cooperative for MZ and MV

    can you use different Save files? Person 1 Hosts with their own save file Person 2 joins using their own Save file on their computer
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    RMMV Dead Actor Swap/Switch

    i've been looking and it seems nothing exists that allows you swap out dead actors. couldn't even find a reference to maybe do it my self
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    RMMV Looking for Special Targeting System

    there are so many i dunno where to put them
  4. lightmagician60

    RMMV Looking for Special Targeting System

    i was. i realized that Plugins fit more of my needs then.... [redacted] for XP. this so far is my only trouble that i'm gunna have with MV. {i got both XP and MV while they where on sale}
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    RMMV Looking for Special Targeting System

    the idea is to have battles in a 4v4 format with skills the target 2, 3 or 4 targets. but the 2 and 3 i want adjacent. looking at "YUP's Area of Effect" plugin. that should work. but the 2 target maybe an issue if the AoE is centered on them. could/would messing with the centering of the Hit box...
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    a Pokemon Style game

    i have a reference for 5v5 battles {i intend to do 4v4 battles} can any one point to samples/references to a SMT/Persona Type system {every mon has it's own Weaknesses} and a Digimon Species system {X deals more damage to Y reguardless of what move it uses} please and Ty

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