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    When on world map, you get a speed boost that lasts forever.

    I have no idea what's causing this. I was just testing my game, when I found out that when you first get to the overworld map, you get a huge speed boost. I tried going into a different area but its still there. I'm not sure what's causing it. Any ideas? It only happens when you first get...
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    Game file copy wont open

    So my game file in my rpg maker 2003 game folder does open. The problem is I made a copy of the game file to put on my desktop, but it doesn't open. It just pops up with a message. Ill attach a picture.
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    Game file won't start in the correct spot.

    So I wanted to send the file of my game to a friend. The problem is when I opened it to test it, the game started on the wrong spot. (Not in RPG maker, in the actual file, in my file explorer.) I changed the player starting position to the right map, but it still starts in the wrong spot. I'm...
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    Why isn't my event visible on the map?

    I am very sorry for double posting. I only did that because I was unable to add anymore photos. Thank you for your help.
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    Why isn't my event visible on the map?

    Thank you!! I appreciate this. There was a graphic set for him, I think you mixed Slade up with the autorun event with no graphic. I tidied up my coding to one page, I for some reason didn't do that. I did want him to join the party, so it's perfect that you mentioned that.
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    Why isn't my event visible on the map?

    I have an event with a graphic. I have it so when you click on him, it activates an autorun cutscene. But for some reason when I testplay, he isn't there. I'm not sure what I did wrong. (Forgive me im new) @BenSD Thank you for kindly explaining to not double post. You're very right, people...
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    Can't find MV folder anywhere!!!

    This worked! Thanks!
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    Can't find MV folder anywhere!!!

    I have rpgMV on steam and i'm looking in the right folder, but it's nowhere. I'm trying to get to my DLC folder. I have found it before, so I have no idea where it went. More than half my steam games arn't even in here. I'm so confused. (But that's besides the point) How else can I find the files?
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    How to have a party wiped out, but then transferred without a game over?

    No, I don't think so. I'm just not sure how to transfer the player without the game over screen showing. Because then you just load your save.
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    How to have a party wiped out, but then transferred without a game over?

    So i'm trying to have an overpowered enemy wipe out the party. After the party is wiped out, I would like them to be transferred somewhere(or just the player really). I don't want a game over screen to show. Is this possible? Or a way to do something similar?
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    What happened to custom tileset?

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to find it, I'll look for it once I get home. ok! ok Thanks for the info!
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    What happened to custom tileset?

    It's one I downloaded, it's a sewer one.

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