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    Dungeon Rules (Need Suggestions)

    How about some dungeon rules that can be good or bad depending on the dungeon itself and your party makeup? <Damage Type> deals 50% more/less damage. All status effects other than Instant Death will always apply unless the target is immune. Every character's <Stat> is switched with their <Other...
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    What Is and What isn't Making a Game "Too Similar to Another."

    Originality is overrated. Game X does an original thing badly, while Game Y takes this thing and makes it fun. Now it doesn't matter if Game Y is a ripoff of Game X, because Game Y did it better.
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    But I had an 80+ hour epic in mind... Tips for a starter game

    @WolfFS Honestly, I do the exact opposite of that - take my favourite game and see what you don't like about them and see how you'd rather see them made. It's better to improve on the flaws of a game you like (albeit with an original title) rather than trying to do what it does right without...
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    Random Dungeon Generation

    Generally, making dungeons (or any location for that matter) randomly generated means that you'll have to design your entire game around it, more so than any battle system or art style would. In general, it usually means that there's a big gameplay element in handling those ever changing...
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    Balancing Healing Items

    Healing in general should be balanced around the damage level of your opponents. If you toss Elixirs at your players to fully heal them on use, they won't be fazed by anything short of one-hit kills. Supplies that can often fully heal you outside of battle are exempt from this. Another point...
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    Having both likable and not likable traits help to make a character very relatable. Echinecea sounds pretty interesting and might try to do her quest so there's a way she can retire and live a more leisurely life (maybe detail a bit about what it entails) and not have to worry about raising...
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    In a RPG? Do you have prefered sexes for story?

    If somebody wants to make a statistic, go on RPG Maker Web and count through 50-100 recent releases or so and note down what gender the main character has (male, female, other, player's choice). It would be a more reliable method than just going from assumptions. I think what could play into...
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    Is having monsters visible on the map okay as a encounter system

    I like the combination - Etrian Odyssey has a timer that lets you know when your chance to get a random encounter increases (works step by step rather than real time) and it also has so called Field-On Enemies, which move whenever you do. You can expect these Field-On Enemies (FOE for short) to...
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    Crafting balance: situational traits

    One thing I have decided upon is to make equipment progress focused around crafting more than just buying them or trying to get them as rare drops. While balancing out availability is not that much an issue, a problem would be the access to gear resisting elements or status effects. The thing...
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    Is making a random effect in battle that makes you unable to attack for a turn a good idea?

    There are a couple of RPGs out there that have phobias as character traits, but they generally don't go any further than giving the character stat penalties in the given circumstance. In the case of Mysophobia, the fail chance should be context-sensitive. In general, you could have a general...
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    Level Scaling

    Yes, I know Yanfly has a really good plugin for making enemies have levels and scale them with the player. Thing is, though, I'm looking for a plugin (or a lunatic code of Yanfly's) that lets me scale the levels of enemies by a different baseline. I'm thinking of reusing some enemies in later...
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    Should I have arrows to tell you can interact with it?

    There's a compromise to that - you could have hidden goodies coupled with a skill/item that allows you to make them visible. An example would be the Lens of Truth in Ocarina of Time: There were various places in the game (most of them in the Shadow Temple) that had illusionary walls and...
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    Name ideas for skill categories

    Spiritism: Commune with the ancient spirits to invoke their powers. + Natura = Shaman + Dark Arts = Necromancer + Faith = Witch Doctor Recipes: Mix various concotions together for a variety of effects. + Thievery = Assassin + Natura = Herbalist + Sorcery = Alchemist...
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    In a RPG? Do you have prefered sexes for story?

    I have this wierd behavior of inserting myself too much into a male character (being male myself), making them too much alike me (or me making fun of stereotypically male behavior). This way, I keep writing female characters so I don't see myself as them and I can give them differing traits. Not...
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    How many skills is too many skills?

    The thing I see is that you cannot actually have too many skills, the problem is if you frontload the player by introducing them too fast. Maybe you go through a slightly longer dungeon now and get Heal to make it through. Maybe there's an armored enemy that you need Fire to deal with. And later...

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