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    I can't decide if writing invoices is satisfying or annoying...
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    Holy water, I cried when the vlog gun died...
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    Rest in Peace vlog gun...
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    Lilly replied to the thread My Streaming Days.
    I'm sorry to inform that I failed to remember to close the thread. I'm not taking any requests anymore.

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Hey everyone! I'm back :D

Snow White? More like Snowhere to be seen amiright? Hahaha I'm so sorry!! :kaocry:
I'm working on a modding system of my game and I screw the game up, so hard that I have to access my backup in my hard drive ;-;
Stop shutting the damn power down! Why always like this
Working on a slightly experimental horror game. It will be finished in approximately 88888888888 years.
Y'all will enjoy it though, I put lots of effort into making it stand out.

It's called Red Light and it's inspired by another obscure RPG Maker horror game, but I don't want to give too much away just yet.
Ohh man, Weapon animations plugin feels so mandatory. Seeing that same image regardless of the icon of the weapon....ugh :p

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