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  1. About 1.01 patch

    For the standalone version, I think all the update info should be announced on the official website itself. Instead of placed inside the forum.  Probably, they don't want to scare people away....
  2. Resource missing from MV?

    Thanks! Looking forward to it! As long as it is on the table with the time plan.
  3. Resource missing from MV?

    Not blame anyone. But someone should take actions right? Could you do something? For instance, you can set up a poll, then you can talk to your boss.  "see, told you so. People want the fullset. If there is not a good reason (busy is not a reason for people actually paying for it), we should...
  4. Resource missing from MV?

    Glad to know it is foreseen. But it is not really convincing. The ones, which don't have full set, they are actually named under convention like "People1" (just insignificant). But those missing SV imgs are categorized as "Actors".  "Actors" are made without SV "intentionally", which doesn't...
  5. Resource missing from MV?

    No. I have preorder from website. But I am using the steam version. I think there is no doubt they are missing ( you can do 5s searching on your PC). The problem now is why? 
  6. Resource missing from MV?

    Already checked. Not found in anywhere. BTW, it seems there are quite a lot things missing in the initial distribution. I can tolerate bugs, since they only show up when people actually use it. If it is indeed another "mistake", it is a very disappointing! Because all of them should be avoided...
  7. Resource missing from MV?

    I found out that not all the actors have the SV image by default. (I already re-validate my MV, I should have everything original) In the folder of \steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\NewData\img\sv_actors, base on the naming convention, Actor3_1 to Actor3_4 should be there, but unfortunately not...
  8. No Resource Manager?

    I think it is a step back. As a newbie, I prefer to have one build-in manager, which I can have overview on the resource I have, instead of going from Folder to Folder.
  9. New plugin/fix update automatically?

    I also agree it is not a must. But as a suggestion, could you pin a post, which provides links to all the official plugins? And all the plugins/fix information should to be logged in the post. At least we can easily find out where is known bugs/where to check the update of plugins without going...
  10. New plugin/fix update automatically?

    I see your point, however I am not convinced. Since all the resource in MV are actually located in every project folder. Updating the main program(including the official plugin/DLC it comes with), won't have any impact on the existing project (correct me if I am wrong).   We have lots of...
  11. New plugin/fix update automatically?

    Hello guys, I am totally new to RM. Maybe stupid, I have questions regarding to how the MV plugins were distributed.  Now I have installed my first RM. But I am kinda scared since I already see there are lots of bug flying around. Althoug some of them are solved immediately, the solutions are...

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