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  • Creating magic is bleh.  I hope I'm not the only one that thinks so
    nah already committed to it.  Its bleh, but worth it if you hit it out of the park.  I'm not afraid of effort.
    Don't just make a bunch of lame-o copypasta spells. Spice it up! Try to find some plugins that change up targeting, or make magic do funky stuff if enemies are inflicted with certain ailments.
    only at first, but then you get into making weird ass skills and its k :D
    Hey everyone.  Had to go into work early so that means I'm getting an early start on what I want to do today.  

    so, early goals.  Finish Arisa's Kenjutsu skillset, and finish up the writing on the next two chapters of my game.

    Good times.
    Going to be looking for an artist to help me design and create my characters.  

    Hopefully I can keep the budget low for that but the cost is what it is lol.

    time to scour the classifieds.
    Arisa skills Update: Versatile

    1h or 2h operation of her weapon.

    1h: 1-8 damage and can use magic.

    2h: 2-12 damage and can use Kenjutsu.  

    <Instant Cast> 

    casts without using a battle turn
    Arisa Skill #1

    Versatile - Grip your main hand weapon with both hands.  activate it again to switch back to single hand use.

    1-8 damage with 1H
    1-10 damage with 2H

    Some skills have different effects based on what form she is in.  Versatile is not available while dual wielding.  
    well my options are 1. hire an artist and pay a lot of money, potentially getting screwed like last time or 2. get gud and learn to draw myself.

    well option 2 I guess, until I fail hard.
    If you find an artist here in the forums, you can always ask a mod about them.
    IMO if you can't draw, hiring a good artist who can is not a waste of money.

    Also, if the artist who took your money is on this forum, PLEASE contact Ms Littlefish or Archeia about it.  We don't want artists here who scam their customers.  What if they do the same to someone else?
    The reason I'm not really taking action against them is because they aren't on this forum.  At least according to them they got banned from this forum.  Their username was  kyuukyuu if people are curious.

    The point of this though, was to say in a round about way that I need to work on my artwork.  A lot of my problem is that I need to flesh out my character designs more before I put more money into art assets.  I just wish I was a super talented artist instead of being a sort of jack of everything that doesn't include art.
    since I got a writer on my team, things are looking up.  my story is fleshing out more and more.  Now I just need to find an artist...
    Fiery Grimiore Vol I - VII

    Learning spells through special Grimiores.  Equip them, fight some battles, and learn the spells.  Of course you wont be able to have an accessory equipped while learning.  What do you think?
    Ugh.  don't want to work today!!!

    oh well, hopefully its not too busy there.  Also, I have a watermelon to cut up at work and eat so its not all bad.
    ((x - b.def) / x+1)

    Multiply that by whatever your damage is, and it will reduce the damage by a percentage rather than a flat amount.  Just don't make the def greater than X.
    I use (a.atk * #) / (b.def + 10) to have Defense reduce damage by a percentage (where # is the skill's power, usually between 10 and 40).  When I thought through the math on your formula and mine, they are doing fairly similar things, with yours (if my understanding is correct) causing increases of b.def to be more important as b.def grows larger, and mine causing increases of b.def to be more important while b.def is still relatively small.
    50 ATK, physical attack is * 10, target has 40 defense.

    50 * 10 = 500
    40 + 10 = 50
    500 / 50 = 10

    so 10 damage.  Yours seems to have to either use very large attack numbers against small defensive numbers, or is just a low powered game in general.  It doesn't really reduce by a percentage that I can see, unless I'm misreading it.

    I could be misreading it though, it is nearly 5am
    That's correct, my games tend to have much higher ATK/MAG values than DEF/MDF values.  Of course, if a designer wanted to use such a formula without that idiosyncracy, they could simply make the Skill Power #s much higher, like 250 instead of 10.  Then you're dealing much more damage without throwing off the scaling.

    It does reduce by a percentage rather than an absolute number (and does so consistently instead of being based on its magnitude compared to the original damage number); at 10 DEF the damage is ALWAYS reduced by 50% (as compared to 0 DEF), at 30 DEF it is always reduced by 75%, at 90 DEF it's always reduced by 90%, etc.
    If at first you don't succeed, you aren't using enough force.
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    Mega Man Volnutt
    Mega Man Volnutt
    I don't understand.
    Just a fun little quote reflecting on the problem solving skills of single minded brute force type characters.  If they don't succeed at a problem, they probably didn't hit it hard enough.
    Hollow 1977
    Hollow 1977
    I had some tvs that that solution actually worked. One jacked the volume all the way up and only by hitting it right did it actually go down. Sometimes they just need a little tough love. LOL!
    Writing dialog for a creepy shopkeeper is more difficult than I thought.  At what point does Arisa just kick his ass.  I think I'm about to find out...
    var ATT; var baseDamage; ATT = Math.min(a.atk * 2, 255) + a.weaponDamage(); a.isStateAffected(11) ? ATT += a.weaponDamage() * 3 / 4 : ATT *= 1; baseDamage = a.weaponDamage() + ((Math.pow(a.level,2) * ATT) / 256) * 3 / 2; a.isStateAffected(10) ? baseDamage /= 2 : baseDamage *= 1; a.isStateAffected(9) ? baseDamage *= 5 / 4 : baseDamage *= 1; a.isStateAffected(12) ? baseDamage += ((baseDamage / 2) * 2) : baseDamage *= 1; baseDamage *= (((Math.random() * 255) + 224) / 256); baseDamage *= ((255 - b.def) / 256); b.isStateAffected(14) ? baseDamage /= 2 : baseDamage *= 1; a.isStateAffected(13) ? baseDamage *= 170 / 256 : baseDamage *=1; a.isStateAffected(14) ?  baseDamage /= 2 : baseDamage *= 1; baseDamage;  

    First draft of a FF6 weapon damage formula.  Does require Hime's Weapon Damage script to work.  Various states reflect certain items equipped like Offering or Atlas ring or reflects the berserk status.  
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