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    RMMV 10 Days to Jupiter - A Sci-Fi Comedy Adventure [MOVING TO GMS2]

    Hey, Best of luck with your project, I'm in the same boat, in my thirtys still dreaming on making games. Ideas spilling out of my head when I'm at work. Here's to getting those ideas to pixel :)
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    RMMV Malifex

    Hey everyone, I have been busy designing and mapping areas for project Malifex. However I'm still hoping for some feedback on the last installment. I would love to hear your thoughts and critiques. Please get in touch if you have any questions and the demo is available on the link at the top...
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    Looking for Rpg Maker games to Let's Play.

    Hi, If you would consider a let's try, I have around 3hrs of game play so far in my project Malifex. Everything is detailed over on my page including the demo, I hope you take time to try it :)
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    RMMV Malifex

    22/03/19 Update - New Demo - Hello everyone, I have been pretty quiet on here but I have been really busy with work and looking after my little minions :). However I have managed to maintain good progress with this project. I am happy to say that I am able to update the demo for Malifex. The...
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    Hi, sorry I have been busy with work mainly, however I have been making progress on the capital...

    Hi, sorry I have been busy with work mainly, however I have been making progress on the capital of Helivigar for project Malifex, how are you?
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    RMMV Malifex

    20/9/18 Update Thanks again for those that took the time to play my demo. It amazed me how many things I had managed to miss with my own eyes and I have looked deeper to discover more bugs on my own. This last period of development has been slower, as the next segment of the game will allow...
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    RMMV Demon Dark

    Hi, This game does interest me, I'm looking forward to a demo :).
  8. liviticus

    RMMV Malifex

    @hiddenone Thank you, for taking the time to review my demo. I am grateful for the critique and the bug highlights but also for giving me great ideas on how to improve my project :D. I wanted to try and make a believable main protagonist, complete with flaws and traits. As such he holds onto...
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    RMMV Malifex

    @Benku, @JGreene Thank you so much for taking the time to play my demo! Thanks, I have spent a lot of time refining and pacing the main story so any RPG tropes are logical explanations for a series of events. Hopefully this makes them less jarring and allows the player to enjoy the story...
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    RMMV Malifex

    26/8/18 Update The demo is now live, thanks everyone for your interest so far. Let me know if you give the demo a try. As always I would love to hear your thoughts.
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    New to this.

    Welcome, Thats a great idea, I've have started a lot of games thinking it will be my epic game. It's much easier to start small and learn the ropes :)
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    What forms of government do you include in your game?

    Hi, For my current project Malifex, I am using three different governments. Monarchy Merchant Republic Clan If it helps, I find creating the lore first and imaging how a government would fit into that culture. Even if the government doesn't for the culture it can provide motivation for...
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    RMMV Metal Knight Alpha Gear

    Hey, I like what you have done with the front view battle system :). I think the time it takes for the enemy to disappear could be shortened though. Keep up the great work :)
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    RMMV Malifex

    Thanks Hero_Claive for taking the time to look at my project :) Haha, that it is a great observation. I had not seen that till today. Either way I am happy with them as my character artist spent a good bit of time trying emulate RTP. I realised early on that I had fallen into using some well...
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    RMMV Malifex

    Thanks :) , it would be great to hear what you like in particular?

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