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    [Solved]Help: How to generating random values for position.

    I got it! Thanks for your answer, @Trihan I started to searched for the random value for position x and y, and found out a similar post : Is randomizing scenes/events possible? I mixed them both and got a working randomized position for Hotspot. Here is how it looks. Hope this comes handy to...
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    [Solved]Help: How to generating random values for position.

    Any idea how to solve it in rpg, then? Maybe I can apply the same logic, to adapt the process for VNM.
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    [Solved]Help: How to generating random values for position.

    Using a wait and jump to label command, then erasing the hotspot and making a new one appear. I based this from a steam code from user Nikki, where the objects appeared in fixed position, but I want to make it more dynamic and make them appear in random positions.
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    [Solved]Help: How to generating random values for position.

    Hi, I want to make a mini game where the scene displays an image (with Hotspot) for a limited time, the player has to clic it in order get point and proceed in the story. So far I have that covered, however I´d like the object to appear in a random position everytime. Any idea how can I...
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    Is there a way to disable hotspots?

    Try to create common events, where once clicked certain hotspot it goes to that common event, where you first erase the text. Then display the new Text, make the event happens, etc... You´ll have to create a common event for every hotspot, so every time you click another hotspot, the text from...
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    [SOLVED] Help deleting animations

    It actually worked! Thank you! I used the Erase Picture, and it works like a charm :D!
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    [SOLVED] Help deleting animations

    Yeah sure, this is just a test, I added a hotspot and an animation. But I want the animation to disappear or get erased after I click the window and the next dialogue appears. The red fire circle is the animated object. It should play until I clic and then the messages appears making the...
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    [SOLVED] Help deleting animations

    Hello, I need help to delete an animation. I have a scene where at some moment an animation is played. I add this animation to the scene via the command: Show Animation. But then how do I delete it?, I haven´t found a way to delete it, once the scene continues and I no longer want the...
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    How to create Live2D Models?

    Hey hi, I was having problems installing the Live2d Viewer, but found a workaround easier than changing dates. This is for Windows. 1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0 2. While holding the “Ctrl” key, select the Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe -> Right...

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