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  1. Get X/Y position of parallax map as it scrolls?

    Thank you - I'm still quite new to RPG Maker, so just want to confirm if my guess is right. If I wanted an event to occur in reaction to those coordinates being reached by the scrolling background, I could use a Conditional Branch - Script - and plug in that script?
  2. Get X/Y position of parallax map as it scrolls?

    Hi all, Not sure if this should go here or plugin requests, but first I wanted to establish the scope of my situation, and see if a plugin/script would even be necessary. So, I have a parallax background that has a sky and a sun. The map scrolls horizontally. I would like to make it so that...
  3. [SOLVED] Help with fade in/fade out when returning to map

    Precisely, for some reason I had it in my head that it wouldn't run, and so I didn't even think to try it. But your above advice was correct, I simply put the fade in after the transfer and was able to avoid needing to use the autorun event on the new map at all. Thanks again!
  4. [SOLVED] Help with fade in/fade out when returning to map

    There is a fade-out from a previous cutscene. From reading through some previous threads I thought I read that anything in a list that comes after a transfer doesn't work and that they should be evented on the new map, but maybe I misunderstood. Here is what the transfer/fade out after the...
  5. [SOLVED] Help with fade in/fade out when returning to map

    Would you mind explaining that a bit more - I'm still working through early tutorials on switches and I'm not sure I understand 100%.
  6. [SOLVED] Help with fade in/fade out when returning to map

    Hi all, Here's the gameplay scenario. There are two playable characters. When you sleep in a bed, you wake up on a different map, as a different character. So, I have a fade in set up on my initial map like so: Then, the character can choose to go back to sleep. If they do, the screen...

    Same question - not sure if Estriole posts anymore according to their signature - can anyone share the plugin?
  8. Animated image as event on map

    Thank you for your concise explanation! So if I understand correctly (and apologies as I'm very new to all this), if I break the sheet down into individual sheets for each effect, I should be good? Take for example the ZZZs effect. If I take those sprites, lay them out 3x4, that should work...
  9. Animated image as event on map

    I'm an idiot and I forgot to turn on the plugin! [slaps forehead] So it's cycling through now, though I don't think it's playing the full animation. I'm still a bit confused about the nomenclature: !Hearts [5 3].png Or would it need to be !Hearts [5 3 0 0].png ? And that would signal to...
  10. Animated image as event on map

    Thank you! That plugin seems to be the solution to my problem - I'm just having one small issue still. For some reason, my cursor is sized to two rows in the sheet - I can't select just one row. As a result, it animates both rows simultaneously. However, even if I resize the file it doesn't...
  11. Animated image as event on map

    Having issues getting an animation to play as an event on the map. I seem to remember getting this to work in the past, by setting the event to "stepping", so that the animation would loop - but maybe it was simpler because the animation was only 3 frames? As you can see, this is a longer...
  12. Workflow, placeholder map/tileset and future proofing

    Your images aren't showing up - would be curious to see them.
  13. Workflow, placeholder map/tileset and future proofing

    Thank you for the replies. Yes, I'm planning on making a small, short game first using mechanics and game loops that I hope to use in my bigger project, just to get the hang of the program.
  14. Workflow, placeholder map/tileset and future proofing

    Hi all, First post - hope this is in the appropriate forum. I've recently downloaded RPG Maker MV. My plan is to build a complete game using the tilesets that come with MV, and once everything has been built, to replace all the assets. I am not artistically inclined so I KNOW I will need to...

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