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  1. YEP passive states How do I tie stat buff to a variable?

    So What I want to do is tie stat buffs for a passive skill to a variable but I dont know the tags and code to do it. Something like user.atk+= 3% * variable The goal would be passives that can be increased over time based on some kind of points spent in that passive. I tried searching but my...
  2. Future of RMMV

    Somethings require alot of script work to handle, but having built in extensions would help a larger part of the user base have access to easy functionality. For example, a GUI designer, a cutscene recorder, a particle effects designer etc.
  3. Quick Damage Formula Button Suggestions!

    The ability to include things other than just attack and defense (ie luck and agility as well) would be a good thing.
  4. Making a resistance system RMMV

    Well it sounds like you want individual skills or effects to be effected completely differently. It's doable but you'd have to set up each skill manually with something like yanfly's damage control scripts .
  5. Making a resistance system RMMV

    How exactly are you trying to make them work?
  6. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    While using yanfly's (or any) screen resolution alteration plugin and also using yanfly's various battle plugins, is there a way to make the "center of the screen" animation location change? As is the AoE effects occur between the enemies and the players as opposed to the middle of the enemies.
  7. Applying Elemental Weaknesses/Resistance to Enemies

    look through the traits you can add, elemental resistance is there. You'll use above 100% to be a weakness and less than 100% to make them stronger against an element.
  8. immortal enemies / players bug

    Yanfly solved this in her main thread for me. The problem is using the finish action instead of the follow action notetags. //corrected code for anyone that wants to use<Instant Eval>if (user.isStateAffected(74)) instant = false;else if (user.mmp >= 600) instant = true;</Instant Eval><follow...
  9. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Changing to a follow action works good yanfly. I didn't use the immortal tag at all so I didn't think i'd need to change it to off if I never manually turned it on. That notetag is WYSIWYG, there's nothing else in the notetag.
  10. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I'm having and odd bug using instant cast. <Instant Eval>if (user.isStateAffected(74)) instant = false;else if (user.mmp >= 600) instant = true;</Instant Eval><finish action>add state 74: user</finish action>I have that on my skill notetag (state 74 is just a blank state that lasts one turn to...
  11. immortal enemies / players bug

    I was able to narrow it down what I believe is causing the issue this code: <Instant Eval>if (user.isStateAffected(74)) instant = false;else if (user.mmp >= 600) instant = true;</Instant Eval><finish action>add state 74: user</finish action>I have this in various skills to allow them to be...
  12. immortal enemies / players bug

    I'm having a bizarre bug where players and/or enemies will reach 0 hp but they are not counted as dead. The player can use items but nothing else (other abilities are greyed out). I even attempted to add an end of turn check for 0 hp and forcibly apply the knockout state but that doesn't...
  13. The value of single-target DEF/MDF buffs

    I'm planning on using yanfly's instant cast to make single target buffs not take up an action. This will make the buff class more flexible by being able to do multiple actions per turn if they buff the team or less actions if they debuff the enemy.
  14. Characters who's basic attack scales of Magic instead of Strength?

    By the looks of it, the code Zetu posted sets the default attack to a skill type based on what kind of weapon you are using. The code Kenen posted sets the default attack based on individual actors. Knowing even a little bit about programming lets you glance over something and get a gist of how...
  15. Characters who's basic attack scales of Magic instead of Strength?

    You need to take a beginners programming course, it's imperative to have a basic understanding of what you are looking at if you want to make use of any game making program.

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