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  1. Help with Yanfly Row Formation plug-in (non-bug)

    I'm just a real noob when it comes to scripting, java, etc. His initial plug in HERE is great and all, but I do not want two front two mid two back rows. I want three front and three back rows. and I also want basic attacks to do less damage in the back row.  Also on another note, how do I...
  2. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Your Equip Battle Skills plug in started removing my custom skill type names and simply named them "Skill". Any suggestions?
  3. Skill types no showing in battle

     I guess I have to remove it. I'll report this on Yanfly's bug post, but it still sucks. It was working fine then suddenly not. Gah. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Skill types no showing in battle

    Aha. found the problem. It's Yanfly's "Equip Battle Skills" plugin. When I turned it on and initiate the combat from the very beginning my actors Tech turned to Skill. Now why the hell would that even interfere? It never has before... It doesn't even change anything IN COMBAT it only lets you...
  5. Skill types no showing in battle

    No, skill isn't even a type which makes no sense. I don't have ANY script calls in my game at this point, either. I've attached a pic of all the plug ins currently in us. Keep in mind I didn't mess with ANY of these when this started happening, again, worked one day then bam it didn't. Which...
  6. Skill types no showing in battle

    I don't have his battle command script unless you mean Battle Engine Core which doesn't edit anything in battle like that, or so I believe. And yeah all the classes have the skill type set. Like I said it was working fine and now for some reason in game it doesn't show up. Would a certain...
  7. Skill types no showing in battle

    First off, I'm using some of Yanfly's plug-ins, namely the Class Change, Skill Core, Skill Learn, Job Point system, Battle Engine core ones. All my skill types simply say "Skill" in combat instead of, say, Tech, Black Magic, White Magic, etc depending on class. I have all the classes set up...
  8. hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Excuse me I'm a noob to this kind of... But I copied them directly into the Generator folder right, and nothing works in MV! The beastman ones don't even show anything just an empty spot on the face, and none of the new accessories register correctly (the plague doctor for instance shows two...
  9. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Oh my god I'm an idiot. I wasn't putting "item" with the ID... I thought you just needed the item ID like 26 LOL Jesus... Thank you so much!
  10. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    That's the thing tough. I've tried 26, I've tried Slime (just like how it's named in the database) and still doesn't show up. I don't need to include number AND name do I?
  11. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I did. Nothing except the gold cost will show up when I use the ingredient tag. Here's what I mean 001: Potion and in the note tag sections <Synthesis Ingredients> 0026: 2 (which is 0026: Slime x 2 thats needed but does not show up) gold: 2 </Synthesis Ingredients> Your help...
  12. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Update: Got the plug in "working" as in no errors when it starts up, but now it doesn't show up in my menu at all? And even though i have the recipe for "potion" and the ingredients "slime" all proper note tags where they go, the ingredient list for Potion recipe is empty? Not really an error...
  13. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I'm getting a SyntaxError Unexpected Number when I turn on Item Synthesis. It is below Item core. I turn it off and everything is fine. I wanted to remove it from the menu and only be accessible via synthesize spots. I've redownloaded it several times and nothing works when it is turned on. I...

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