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  • finally im done 3 more weeks later every night working on that **** but only giving the current version in private in order to fix as many bugs as l can until the public version, dm me if you want to be a tester im looking for 3 more and tell me what you want in exchange as well
    maybe red color instead of green if not enough gold maybe gold in the middle and upgrade at the top different font and a background as well for gold cost maybe gold cost should stay there need opinions before l do it 12 times so l dont have to redo all of them later
    Why is the 2nd character's name written with a small イ in the middle? シ already stands for shi, so adding the small イ does nothing, unless I'm missing something?
    Shiiru Purain is シイルプラン from my google translate so the name written is sill
    Oh, it looks written like a small イ、though.
    I couldn't post on your lets play post but i wanted to give you a short game of my work. It has a great story line and I think you will enjoy it. Harsh criticism is fine with me. I can learn from you.

    Have fun and Good luck!
    Yeah, it'll be my next MV play l suppose, kinda busy with Rance 6 right now so ill do it once I'm done.
    alright, thanks!
    I tried it but l couldnt get past the first area, it kept saying l had 4/5 currency thing, spent like 2 mins clicking everywhere then l just gave up, sorry. Clicking randomly everywhere may be something l hate the most in games so l didn't had the patience to continue.
    Rance 5D and Rance 6 in English has finally been confirmed to come out in 2 days right in the holidays.

    It's been a while since l was that hyped. Probably will play a 30 hours straight then replay them with a friend.
    Overwatch sensitivity is total **** due to not being able to change the decimals on it, well im not really surprised since it's blizzard first fps and they will probably fix it later. Oh well, had fun streaming even with garbage aim.
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Happy weekend all

Would an older woman be eligible for Blondus points?
Or is that a privilege exclusive to the youngsters?
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Sometimes screenshot saturday is just a new enemy
Update: Coworker sabotaged the truck's mirrors by applying a threadlocking compound to the bolts used to adjust the mirrors. Now NO ONE can adjust them. So I filed a legit report of sabotage of equipment to leadership and declared that I cannot safely operate the vehicle if I can't see what needs to be seen. So the truck has to go to the shop for repair, and we need a substitute vehicle. Nice work, dude :p
Part of growing up is finding out that love hurts.
"I signed up for this heartbreak."

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