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    Auto message option on VX Ace

    I want to make something like an auto message option which would work just like on a visual novel would: with a hud over the message window that says "Auto" or something like that and, when you press an specific key, the thext starts moving forward on its own. I already have a skip option with...
  2. Lonelywraith

    Cart Sprite for Vx Ace

    Thanks a lot! That's exactly what I need.
  3. Lonelywraith

    Cart Sprite for Vx Ace

    Hi, people! I'm sorry for being a bother so frequently but I want to ask you for a sprite graphic this time. Resource type: Character. Maker format: Ace. Art style: Ace RTP. Description: I'm looking for a medieval cart or stagecoach sprite to use on my project. The RTP one is too small and only...
  4. Lonelywraith

    Kimono for character generator VX Ace

    Hey, people. I wanted to ask if you have any black or white kimono image for sprite making in the VX Ace's character generator tool, I would really appreciate that.
  5. Lonelywraith

    Open world games with RPG Maker?

    Hey, guys. I have been already like two years developping a commercial game with RPG Maker VX Ace, most of the time only remaking all the progress I had because I find some things not atractive anymore. But I have a really great doubt nowadays about this: Do you guys think it's worth an open...
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    Is there any way to make BGM, BGS and SE stop when minimizing the game?

    When a VX Ace game is minimized, the game stops like an usual emulator and all that stuff. That's not really the problem, I don't really have any problem with that. The thing is that BGM, BGS, ME and SE keeps sounding even thought you do this and that's what really kind of bothers me. For...
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    CG Gallery for VX Ace?

    Well I actually know just a bit of Portuguese and I'm a native Spanish speaker so it will be kind of easy for me. Anyway, I really thank you for you'll help and I'll be checking this website. Thanks, Rhaeami ^^.
  8. Lonelywraith

    CG Gallery for VX Ace?

    I am developping some kind of RPG/Visual Novel and you know VN usually have CG galleries so I'd like to know if there's some RGSS3 script to make this on a VX Ace game. Do you know any script with this feature? A CG gallery is something like Dragon Age's codex but it's on the title screen and...
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    Flexible mapping / Sub-Maps?

    I am not sure about what I'm going to tell you but I think I saw once a script that modifies a map with regions. Basically you have a map divided by regions and you put like the same regions on different maps and through some script calls or switches the script basically changes the region from...
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    Old movie like effect VX ACE

    So I just made some tests on a different project and hell it was easier than I thought. Thank you, Lee Sang. I'll make sure to name you on my game's credits! Really, thanks.
  11. Lonelywraith

    Old movie like effect VX ACE

    My desire right now is to make some kind of old movie like effect like those black & white movies. It's something like you get to see a flashback inside the game and then the game moves in irregular ways just like an old movie, maybe with a sepia or black & white tone and also those black things...
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    How may I contact makapri?

    Well... I kind of need to know it for my game and it's going to be commercial so I thought of this forum, but I'm sorry a_a. Anyway, I thank you a lot for your help! I didn't know of that thread.
  13. Lonelywraith

    How may I contact makapri?

    Greetings, people! I've been lurking on makapri's resources and she has some wonderful graphics I'd like to use, but it seems that if I want to use them, I need to contact her even thought it's free to use them in commercial or non commercial games (according to what I read, again). But now I...
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    Spider Cave Tilesets

    Thank you, guys! I love this community <3.
  15. Lonelywraith

    Spider Cave Tilesets

    Hello, people from the forum! I came back. I am developping a very awesome RPG, but I'm awful at design so I mostly come here to use other's people resources (obviously I add the credits). I was wondering if somebody knew of spider cave tilesets or just tilesets with spiderwebs (big, smalls...)...

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