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Having a hard time getting playtesters for one of my Unity games. No one seems to be interested. :/
I fiddled around a little with a layout for some kind of character cards to accompany the what the MZ RTP is missing so people can see at first glance which characters have which graphics. Just not sure if I really wanna do and maintain that for all the characters xD
Example is Kasey who is all RTP and some emos by 冷やっこ
With the uncertainty of when artists open/close their commissions, I'm keeping a long list of artists (whose work fits my game) to potentially contact for assets like busts and whatnot, and not expecting any particular artist to be available when I'm ready to start commissioning (which will probably be well before I finish my game, to make time for commission waits and actual art making).

A cat that is not afraid of water. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. :)

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