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  1. Classes, items & attacks in a "magic realistic" game

    One way to handle the damage formula is to balance the game around what you consider the average baseline of stats then scale everything into the later game to stay proportional. So if a lvl 1 character has 10 strength and 5 defense, a lvl 10 character might have 20 strength and 10 defense. Or...
  2. Rewarding the Player for Targeting Enemy Weaknesses

    Final Fantasy 10 did something with their boss fights and elements. If you shot the giant robot with electricity, you broke part of it. Since each enemy has different weaknesses you can assign different effects for each enemy. Shoot a tree with fire and it burns. Shoot a robot with...
  3. Random Dungeon Generation

    The issue with randomly generated dungeons is that they get repetitive.  Diablo had random dungeons and it's great fun and adds to the replayability of the game.  But that's all it does and should be designed for games meant to be played multiple times.  Once you've seen a certain encounter you...
  4. Should I have arrows to tell you can interact with it?

    What would make them check the bookshelf is training them to check bookshelves. There are lots of RPGs that have interactable items without arrows.  Some even have secret walls!  But players don't just randomly mash the buttons everywhere.  They're trained by missions, cutscenes, and...
  5. How Viable is Turn-Based Combat?

    @Basileus Turn-based battles and the thrill of combat is actually what card games are well known for.  I recommend checking out the HEX TCG on Steam as it's the best example of digital card games and what they can do in a proper format.  Unlike other TCGs, which make no attempt at separating...
  6. making a skill feel cool without being game breaking

    Anti-Magic zones are a common thing in RPGs.  Considering spells exist that can absorb other spells, and immunities to physical or fire are just as common, having something that swings the power pendulum back towards the non-magical heroes is fine.  It can be easily forgotten that RPGs are not...
  7. Late-Game Features for my game

    @LightningLord2  Tell us more about what makes new WoW different.  Since the game has so many... HATEMONGERS ... it's hard to tell what's good.  <_<
  8. Non-Relaible Magic.

    Great, so party members that are useless a fraction of the time.  That actually annoys players that grow attached to them.
  9. Ugh, do I have to?

    Same reason devs do anything.  It's cheaper!  Who needs to give players content every month when you can make a single raid they're required to repeat for months?  Don't design new monsters, just recolor the existing ones and give them a prefix. Copy Pasta - The food of champions.
  10. Ugh, do I have to?

    Vendor trash in MMOs is another topic really.  It was made to curb afk farmer bots and later to sell bag space.  Originally vendor trash had a purpose and served as equipment.  Later devs made the vendor trash so worthless that they were simply bag fillers.  A bot couldn't farm all night because...
  11. Balancing Lich/Undead States

    There was an interesting mode in the Guild Wars 2 game for necromancers.  It's basically a lich form and by definition you really can't die.  So while in that state, the necromancer is immune to all damage.  However, the state is temporary, he can't stay in that form too long.  He recharges the...
  12. What would you have in a hacking-themed battle system?

    You guys have heard of Shadowrun right?  It has an entire hacking element to the regular game in which your one hacker has to combat multiple defense programs in the cyber world known as the Matrix.  This is all happening while actual combat is taking place so your hacker's pressed for time...
  13. Ugh, do I have to?

    There IS a difference usually.  The thing is, the difference makes the game easier, not doable.  You don't NEED Cure 3 to win a boss fight if you clutch the heals, use potions and megalixirs, buff your party's defense using items instead of abilities, and guard when you need to survive a one...
  14. Multiple Skill Costs

    Abilities I've seen in a few ways... - Cooldown // No limit to their use but you have to wait before using it again - Warmup // No limit to their use but they take additional time to activate - Consumable // No limit to their use as long as you're willing to keep a stock of (possibly...
  15. Abilities That Hurt The User

    It's not even hard to make a character whose attacks use his current HP versus Max HP as part of the attack calculation.  Quick and easy Berserker.

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