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    Had some art AI generated for my game. Such an awesome tool for making placeholders and references for a real artist to draw off of:
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    Hahah! So, I'm working on a marsh map and was debating putting Avery's large Owl sprite on top of this rock, or making a custom frog...
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    I really appreciate you saying that J. Still lots left to finish off before it's released!
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    I would think exposure/advertising could play a big role in helping your game gain traction. Also, if you're talking about the project...
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    I appreciate your guidance. I started a new game and played all the way through to where the issue occurs. It's still generating the...
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    Managed to get my master thesis being a game made with the maker. Will, after all those years, I now finally actually make a complete...
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    Thank you for getting back to me. I've replaced the entire js directory with the js directory from V0.2.1 and am still getting the same...

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I know it can be a little confusing with all the advent calendars and time zones, but make sure Starbird, GalacticGod, WaywardMartian and Guardinthena get all the love they deserve fot their hard work! ;3
*it's getting better all the time* tenacious determination (got bills to pay) and doing PT for this gimpy hand - I'm improving quite a bit. :rock-left::troll::rock-right: Had to resign from my fav Lead Security Analyst job because I couldn't type to keep pace ;_; however, Big N kept me on, so finishing my contracts with them. :D
I was playing with ChatGPT-3 and I feels like did some crime with this...


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