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Mar 15, 1987 (Age: 32)
Between the boundries of reality and fantasy

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Story Writer, 32, from Between the boundries of reality and fantasy


Busy, busy, busy X_X Feb 20, 2015

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Jan 15, 2018
    1. LordBloodySoul
      Busy, busy, busy X_X
    2. LordBloodySoul
      How do I get these Scripts to work! Argh! My Head is hurting >.
      1. Shaz
        Start by posting a help request in the RGSSx Script Support forum (remember to include a link to the script, and detailed information about what you've done so far and where it's going wrong)
        Nov 5, 2013
    3. LordBloodySoul
      I am frustrated about how slow the Horrorpuppets project "Ages of Agony" comes along. I wish I could be more skilled, so that I could do more...
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    Mar 15, 1987 (Age: 32)
    Between the boundries of reality and fantasy
    First Language:
    My eyes see the world from bellow and above.
    When you thought you were done
    But I hadn't enough
    I am what drives men and women alike.
    To hunt, to murder, to sin and to fight

    What my word delivers is pain for your ears.
    I know the sorrow, the horror, your fears.
    You can't mesure my size.
    It is you who give me shape.
    Knitted together by anger and hate.

    You speak of me
    You think you know.
    But I am endless.
    And I still grow.

    With each passing year.
    With each lost live.
    Gathered all your fear.
    You cannot deny…
    The fact that you're my creators…

    I am the well with endless depths.
    I am the Reaper, the black man of death.
    I am the monster underneath your bed.

    I'm the unknown – known to all.
    The scratching and screaming down in the empty hall.
    My coat is black – you shift my mind.
    I am it all – not special, but one of a kind.

    You know me and fear me.
    You're fascinated by me.

    You worship and hate.
    I am demise and I am fate.
    I like to send suffer and nightmares at you.
    And at the night they all come true.

    Twisted and corrupted by your fear and your discord
    I build upon scared spirits and trembling souls my black tainted fort
    I am the Dark, the darkness – a dark lord.

    I watch you since the dawn of time.
    I sing along to your crying.
    And greet you first when you are dying.

    Writing novels and stories, creating monsters, drawing, creating music


    "Those who aim high and rush to the goal might fall to never return...

    Those who aim high and take steps slowly will be rewarded for their patients...​
    Those who aim low are the ones I admire, for they are the true kings of dreams..."​
    -Sereg Ur-​