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    How would I self-reference an event in this script call?

    I am not at the computer so can't double check, but iirc this. _eventId or this.eventId I'm pretty sure :)
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    Save Out Character/Player for Next Game?

    Without plugins: Have a shared map, prompt player to save game at map, move save file to the new project folder. With plugins: Yes, can be done, but what you want to save will be game specific. Make the 1st game then send me a PM and I will make you this plugin if you want :)
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    Weirdness with healing potions

    Because you have some plugin that alters how this works. Turn off all your plugins and verify that the potion works correctly. Then turn them off one by one in order of which is most probable to cause the issue. Eventually you'll find which one it is :)
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    Attack that also buffs the user

    If you want to add a specific state to the actor, put this before your damage formula: a.addState(x); Where x is the number of the state you want to add. Example: a.addState(13);a.atk * 4 - b.def Will add state 13 to the user and deal damage equal to 4 times user attack minus defenders defense.
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    My laptop suddenly can't use WiFi anymore. What gives?

    Don't worry about the intel installation thing you did. It probably only installed drivers for the wrong type of card. You installing and uninstalling the drivers shouldn ot have changed anything. If they think it is a driver issue, have you tried downloading the drivers from here...
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    My laptop suddenly can't use WiFi anymore. What gives?

    While in windows, does anything happen if you press F4 or fn + F4?
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    My laptop suddenly can't use WiFi anymore. What gives?

    What is the model number and make of the laptop?
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    My laptop suddenly can't use WiFi anymore. What gives?

    You should try to find the switch before doing anything else. It's not always a physical switch, it can be on a keyboard key. Like pressing FN + F2 or something for example. Look for icons that could be wifi (waves or an antenna for example) on the number keys, F keys or any other keyboard key...
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    Show Not Tell Without Flashbacks

    Having books and diaries would definitely be telling not showing. If you want to show she is depressed, have her apartment be messy. Maybe wine bottles lying around? Some wedding photos will tell the player she was married. Maybe a work uniform from her past employment somewhere in the...
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    Jonte - Lock Equip

    Jonte Lock Equip v 1.0 Made by lordosthyvel (Jonatan Hjelte) Description This is a small plugin that allows you to lock all equipment slots for individual or all party members with a plugin command. I use it to only allow the player to change equipment when not in a dungeon. Terms of use Free...
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    Walking on an Event on top of damage tile still gives damage

    No the character wont be invisible. Make sure the event priority is set to below player as Ebanyle said.
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    Walking on an Event on top of damage tile still gives damage

    Make the page of the event where the bridge is "invisible" a touch event that damages the player. Remove the terrain damage tag from the lava tile. That should make the player take damage when the bridge is not there, but be able to walk safely across when it is there.
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    Want my actor to do 2 skills before moving back to party (sideview)

    To do these kinds of skills the most pain-free way, I would suggest that you use and learn Yanfly's Battle Core and Action Sequence plugins. They support exactly what you want to do (move the actor around freely in the sideview to create cool skills)
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    TRADE Searching for testers

    I will play your game and give you detailed and brutally honest feedback if you do the same for me when I have a demo ready :)
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    Surrender / Arrest Enemies

    Yep that is exactly correct. You don't have to put the if statement in the javascript itself. though, you can just put this script inside a conditional branch inside the event. Both ways work and it's just about which one you prefer. If you do that, the only thing you might need to change is the...

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