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  • That moment when you're suddenly smacked with a logical idea that makes all of your coding look like a child wrote it and now you've gotta rewrite it all to optimise everything :kaoblush:
    I swear I'll get the hang of this some day.
    Making a Trello checklist/hub for myself to try and structure and plan development of this game, and I'm even procrastinating on that. ‍:kaoslp:
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    Good luck! I find Trello quite handy for such things.
    Thank you! It’s definitely handy, but the setting up is such a chore hahaha :kaoblush:
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started working
on my game again - most of the systems have been implemented so now I'm working on the maps. decided to branch out from the RTP and create my own tilesets - criticism needed and appreciated
Decided to splurge and commissioned a friend to draw the main character of my game jam project. Worth it! I never could've gotten the game and the art done XD New avatar by ClockworkCrane!
One of my biggest pet peeves? Action Button events not being interactable unless they are same as character.

Like... for why?
The X-Mas and ~ all ~ December long Calendar Project seems to bring my machine right to the limit. A very good oportunity to test what my pc can do. Or at which point I should decide to take a step back from filling the rendering program with assets.
The new grafics card and ram do their job well, that's for sure. My own early Christmas gifts were a good investment.
my laptop keyboard gave up, they keep glitching out, it seems like it's time to finally replace them, honestly surprised it lasted this long.

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