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  • Hello there! I was hoping you could help me, I'm using the orange hud clock and looking through to whole thread it looks like you were able to have the clock show a 12 hour format with AM and PM. You mentioned how you did it but I don't quite understand how to implement what you did into my project.

    Would you mind explaining what you did?

    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions. That is not their purpose and the character limit on replies means that you could not get a detailed reply. Also if anyone else has the same problem they would never find the answer. Please post a new thread in Jacascript/Plugin Support.
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I'm still undecided weather or not I should add minor swearing to my game. Like I'm going for an all ages demographic... but the idea of a cartoon character saying dammit, hell, or crap in normal conversation is really funny to me.
If we assume an Elf's strong suit is Dexterity (AGI) & Intellect (MAT), I imagine Strength (ATK) & Constitution (DEF) would be among their lowest stats. But I'm having a hard deciding which should be lower, Strength or Constitution?
I'm really sorry to have to do this, but I'm going to have to start blocking those who repeatedly put up sexual content and offer absolutely nothing (that I've seen) related to what this community is supposedly created for.
Don't take it personal. I'm a rape victim with permanent injuries who can never enjoy 'it' ever again, so it's the last thing I want to have put in my face. :(
Check out my side project! It's a survival dungeon crawler! https://voidmoon-studio.itch.io/depths-of-delmora
RushLog wrote on HarlekinLehl's profile.
how do you attach those images to your posts?

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