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  1. RMMV 30 Min Adventure:Lost Beings

    I'm playing this game right now, and I'm stuck at the part after discovering Epic. And there were missing files in animations and sounds. Edit: I'm no longer stuck.
  2. Changing screen opacity based on player movement

    Hi, I want to see opacity changing whenever i'm getting closer to one place and vice versa(based on y axis of player position). By this i mean that when i go down it gets darker and when i go up it gets brighter. I will be thankful if someone will help. :)
  3. Battle action at map

    Hi, i want to know the way how can i use the visual effect of battle skill when being on the map. Ex.: I created an animation of my char in kaduki style (thanks to VictorAnimatedBattleScript) and i want to know if there is a possibility that this animation will show up normally when on the map...
  4. Moving npc,cutscene

    Thanks for the reply. I think these answers will be very useful.
  5. Moving npc,cutscene

    Hello, Here is my first post on this forum and i want to ask you what can i do to move npc of unknown position to the place which i have set for him. His position isn't unknown but rather unspecified in the moment of starting the event(cutscene) because he and the others npcs have their fixed...

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