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  • Is that what bgillisp meant by familiar? If so, then I mistook his post.
    Benny Jackdaw
    Benny Jackdaw
    I don't want to derail that thread again, so I am just asking.
    Yes, that was what I meant by familiar. Too many try to throw in unique items just to put them in even if they don't need to be there. For example, Fire Emblem Birthright shoohorned in things Awakening did even if it made no sense in Birthright.

    And it wouldn't be derailing to post it on the thread, in fact it probably belongs there.
    I have bought all of Karugamos Music Packs, they are great. This is music fitting for an RPG.
    Nice. I been wanting Adventures in Fairies but it is only on sale for 15%. Not much of a sale.
    Yeah the fairies dlc sounds good too.
    I bought some music dlcs before, but no one had battle music I could use for my projects because they didnt seem fitting, but finally I have one thanks to Karugamos DLC.^^
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Well it's been almost a whole year since I joined RMW, so i figured I should update my status.
This is my updated status.
Here's a sample of some pixel edits I made.

Maybe for use as sidewalks.
If there are any mods or admins online, could you please see about the re-translation pages for RPG Maker MV? They are all down :rsad:
Werewolf cons: you lose control of yourself once a month and could accidentally kill your friends. Vampire cons: no garlic bread. The choice is simple. Werewolf for sure.
2 huge market drops in 2 days. So glad I sold my non-dividend stocks about 2 weeks ago. And if the dividend ones drop heavily, hey more cheap stocks for me!

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