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    Dragonbones Uncaught error

    I seem to have set everything up right. Player is animating in idle. But the attack motion executes as it should with an error occurring mid animation. Does the error make any sense to anyone as to help hunt down the issue? Also, this occurs in the dragonbones demo found here...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    pulled off a fun action sequence thanks to yanfly and Jay's dual tech plugin. Probably can use some more fine tuning.
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    New Release: Classic Heroes

    Happy to hear it. Definitely more in the works. Very close to next set release. I'd like to have a good 12 characters along with addons.
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    New Release: Classic Heroes

    These sprites are not made in pixel art style so they don't match in that sense. Unfortunately the standard SV battlers versions weren't made with the pack.
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    Horizontal vs. Vertical Gauges

    I think it mostly comes down to the information or text that usually is paired with gauges. Text and numbers are presented horizontally usually so my guess is that's the reason it's common. I don't see any reason why one is better than the other. In some designs or layouts one would suit...
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    RMMV For the Treasure

    Awesome to hear you enjoyed grinding. I didn't want the pickpocketing to seem too much like a chore so I gave it that multiple attempts in a single turn that can be increased with agility. It has its limits but can be combined with buffs and stat boosts to really gain an advantage in that...
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    RMMV For the Treasure

    Thank you so much for taking the time to play it and give your feedback. Unfortunately we've hit a few development hurdles due to life circumstances. But it's just a little hiatus and we will be back! I will need to really get into balancing the rewards and skill damages as you noted. I may...
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    Changing Actor graphic in Battle Depending on Weapon

    Here's how I set up my common event to have the actors battle graphic change with each weapon. I set this common event to run with yanflys utility common event plugin. I set it to run when player closes the status menu...
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    Olivia OTB and Dragoon Jump possible?

    @ramedina1234 @atoms Thanks to both of you! I can't wait to try it out for myself. Now I don't have to work too far around my original battle mechanics.
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    changing the actors/enemies image in OTB battle system

    I would like to change the image to mine as well. i am using custom battlers and they do appear a little to small. What exactly did you do to change it?
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    Olivia OTB and Dragoon Jump possible?

    So by making those adjustments does the ability function as we want? off screen for a turn then return with attack?
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    Changing Actor graphic in Battle Depending on Weapon

    The way I do it is with yanfly's utility ommon event. It allows you to run a common event every time the player closes the menu. You just have create a common event that will check for weapon the character has and then change the battler graphic accordingly. You have to do that for each weapon...
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    Olivia OTB and Dragoon Jump possible?

    That's a great idea and does seem like I can work off that. I will get that started and see how it goes. Thanks a bunch for the much needed help!
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    Olivia OTB and Dragoon Jump possible?

    Thanks so much! I will wait it out and see. I currently have no idea how to duplicate this skill so will give it a few months before I take further action with it.
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    Olivia OTB and Dragoon Jump possible?

    I am converting into Olivia's OTB system and I had yanfly's dragoon jump ability set up prior. It currently does not work as it should for reasons beyond my skill level. I am unsure if it should be modified or redesigned from scratch for this new system. Can anyone help? here's the current Jump...

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