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  1. Terrax Lighting system

    I'll try it, thanks bro
  2. Terrax Lighting system

    thanks, it worked, but now i'm trying to create an event to turn off the MOG when i'm going to a place that will need the terrax but haven't found anything that works, do you have any idea of what to do? That's because they work solo but not together
  3. Terrax Lighting system

    i thought that maybe i should click on that red X and idk if you'll need it but here's another screenshot...
  4. Terrax Lighting system

    Well, english isn't my first language so it's a little hard to read all the messages you guys posted, idk if anyone is having the same issue, when i try to start the game with the plugin activated appears a TypeError "Cannot read property 'children' of undefined", does anyone know how to fix it?

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