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  1. IAP plug-in for Android, iOS Phone

    First of all, I English is poor. Please understand. Do not make a plug-in of the IAP by using the following API? Please make someone. Reference URL
  2. Smart Map Buttons (Customizable Map Scene interface)

    I am bad at English. I'm sorry. I just want to use a mobile(touch). For example, 1。open the INIT event at position (0, 0), and then select page 2 2。 is this OK? but not move...
  3. Smart Map Buttons (Customizable Map Scene interface)

    Thank your reply. Sorry  Please tell me whether you define from where. Help me...
  4. Smart Map Buttons (Customizable Map Scene interface)

    Setup is normal. Just your Demo file. But can't use emulator and iphone 6 und iphone 6 plus. Please check the link.
  5. Platfomer + mobile Pad

    I both know. However, none can not be used in mobile. I want to use in mobile. Thanks,
  6. Platfomer + mobile Pad

    I want plug-in platform style. Jump , run + mobie Operation attach the file mobie Operation plugin and Jump plugin
  7. Smart Map Buttons (Customizable Map Scene interface)

    Can I use a mobile now? I tried but was not able to today. It does not work by touching the pad. iPhone 6, LG android..
  8. Smart Map Buttons (Customizable Map Scene interface)

    android and ios does not recognize touch. I can not move the Character and menu.... thanks
  9. Smart Map Buttons (Customizable Map Scene interface)

    It does not work in mobile.
  10. Smart Map Buttons (Customizable Map Scene interface)

    I was able to download. Thank you.
  11. YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator (a mod to support 70+ devices/platforms!!)

    Will not see menu When this plug-in to ON.
  12. RMMV JavaScript Unofficial Bugfix Snippets

    Do I need to modify any file? Please tell us.
  13. chartboost or unityads Plugin

    Is there a plug-in video ads are unityads or chartboost (ios, android)? for example But example plug-ins can not be used with Android. Would you please make?

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