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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Copy that, thank you for the warning,
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    now that is real challenge, put some rare legendary stuff there in the middle of the lava so players going to have a hard time obtaining it haha, nice one! i like it, keep the good work wow, this is something new to me, i don't got any issue with my NPC, they stop and facing me when im talking...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    i hope i didn't missed the party, today i've checked all the Game & Map screenshots from 1 - 10, find myself some real good maps there and im stopped at Game & map screenshot 9, page 2, there lies @Dizzledorfs's farm map and i was bit impressed looking at the bottom field with mud-looking farm...
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    How to Sprite Like a Ninja

    well, idk why is my connection refuse or took too long time to connect to imgur images, no matter even if i used vpn, result still the same, IMG wont load but we ll in this case, i might just gonna let it go :D i read all the step you wrote (even though i cannot see the image) and they are...
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    How to Sprite Like a Ninja

    already tried, from opening with chrome andvFirefox, even with Microsoft Edge but still no luck xD did waited for hour and keep clicking "reload image" still no luck as well
  6. Lucius Felix

    How to Sprite Like a Ninja

    hmmmm i'm currently opening through firefox, and try to update flash player, and downloading chrome as well, its a bit strange xD all i can see is just "IMG" words
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    Make Sprites great again! - A nice MV workaround

    whoa, thank you very much for the tutorial! :D its awesome trick
  8. Lucius Felix

    How to Sprite Like a Ninja

    oh no, looks like im late to join this class :( the image is gone i could not see any of it

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