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    @jakefagan @Ronove thanks ^^
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    What a great palette of colors!
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    This is cute!
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    Doing a thing in MV...
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    Description Allows to store notetags in text files and reference them from database objects and events. Author Iavra...
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    That is nice for HUGE skill lists with a lot of stuff using the same formula... you try to balance something and you need to change a...
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    Global Damage Formulas Introduction The Global Damage Formulas plugin allows to use global functions as damage formulas. This allows to...

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I'm just so close to replacing LUK with a different stat, maybe DEX but we'll see.
Slapped together a title screen and working on some dungeon clutter + portraits for Dubhghaill and Einar. Usual CW for minor body horror wrt Einar



>studying for months for an exam
>does exam
>waits 3 months for the results to come out
>me trying to login, incorrect password
>I get recovery password
>me trying to login, incorrect password

What the heck. As a son of a Karen, I'm going to file a few complaints.

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