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  • Today, I texted all of my friends and told them to call me because I lost my phone. Every. Single. One. Called.... I need smarter friends.
    Honestly i'm in the same boat as Cel. I see it like... "Call my phone, it'll ring and i'll find it". I woulda called too, in hopes to help you find it lol.
    I found the humor in it, because my friends would do the exact same thing.
    Luminous Warrior
    Luminous Warrior
    @Celianna. There are people with more than one phone. Mind. Blown. Seriously, why would you need more than one phone?
    I'm an opti-pessimist. My motto is "Don't take life so seriously, It isn't permanent."
    I'm tend to be pessimistic in my views. I believe in always expect the worst so you are never disappointed.
    Luminous Warrior
    Luminous Warrior
    I try to be optimistic, but my mind sometimes turns it towards a pessimistic view. But I can almost always find something to laugh about. Hence, my motto.
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I need to remember that if i want to learn to map like a pro, I need to spend hours doing it like a noob again and again… also, a cool map sometimes has hours/even days of work behind. I need to remember that too.
Yo there how's it going rpg community.
It's raining non stop since yesterday. The sound of the rain is so soothing.
I really miss the old style disney animated movies. I guess the last one was The Princess and the Frog from 2009. Now I am trying to collect every single one I can get on BD or DVD.
What I've seen from the MZ tiles looks pretty inconsistent, bleh. Every plant seems to be drawn in a different style.

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