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  • Hey Lunara, I was wondering if I could use a few of your sprites (Whitehood1, slimebatch, kids, possibly a few others) for a commercial game. I would be glad to send you a copy of said game when it's finished, and give you credit for sprites in the Credit Roll if you would allow me to do so.

    What say you?
    I actually found another way to contact her-   
    Her steam name is the same.

    Sometimes she gets on there - although it has been awhile since she's logged in XD
    Sometimes you're busy for a year. It happens. haha
    Dragon Brother
    Dragon Brother
    I am happy to hear You contacted Her, Well done, hopefully I can do the same with Professor Meow Meow.
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Soon back to "engine study" I guess. Depending on the future plugin need.
New engine announced. Meanwhile I'm still here finishing a project in ACE.
I'm happy to learn a new system. Even if it doesn't meet my needs, it's something to help support the developer and see more people enter into game making industry.
I think I'll stick with MV for now - my next big entertainment purchase is already made: Rust on PS4 babbbyyyy!
Great, now that I am finally motivated again to work on my project, a new RPG Maker comes out. A part of me wants the new Maker to be really good, and the other part wants it to flop so I won't be enticed to abandon all of my work. The dream would be if you could convert your project somehow.

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