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  • I might end up releasing my FNAF sprites here, but only if I'm allowed. I know other people might want to make fangames and might not have the energy or motivation to make sprites of their own. The current sprites are for MV, as I decided to make Fandom Scouts completely on MV, but I'll try to get MZ versions out too. Mods, is that ok? I don't own FNAF BTW.
    If they are all your own work, and not rips or edits of rips, you can share them here. Unless the FNAF creators decide to complain about IP infringement.
    @Shaz They're all original. I even have a few OC's.
    Sigh... I missed my chance to say Happy New Year, all due to multiple things getting in the way. I'm back at Gardens now and back at work... so let's hope this new year brings better relationships, and better health too. Yes, I had a fight with my dad. He sent me to the hospital and turns out I didn't have to be there, so they let me out. Now Mom's going to talk to him...
    Tried the anime biscuits last night, and they're delicious! They taste like a cross between crackers and cookies, and they're shaped like anime characters. I'll be so sad when I run out.
    Also got white chocolate KitKats, soda, rice biscuits, and gummy candy. All from Japan!
    I bet you're still wondering what was inside the biggest present I got... it was an AIR FRYER! Makes sense, since I love to cook. I'll be making some homemade onion rings while I'm in Orlando... and maybe some chicken tenders too! It came with a ton of accessories too. A cake pan, a pizza pan, metal skewers... I'm going to try them all!
    Got a BIG box of Japanese snacks for Christmas! The white chocolate KitKats were better than the ones we have here in America... normally I'm not fond of white chocolate, but these were especially good. I also got wasabi peas, rice cakes, anime-themed biscuits, and egg yolk potato chips. Can't wait to try them all!
    Ahhh... tomorrow is Christmas Day. I finally get to see the presents tomorrow... can't wait to see what's in the biggest box! I'm guessing a video game console to play anytime I visit. Or maybe it's a trick. A smaller box inside a bigger box. That would be funny, but not in the moment I'm dying for a PS5 to play FF7 and the upcoming FNAF game.
    I'm in Orlando for Christmas and I'm suspecting one of the presents is the Japanese panda cookies I wanted. They're under the tree now but I'm not allowed to touch them until Christmas--tomorrow. The anticipation is too much.
    Wow, it's been almost half a month! Well, I'm working on animations for now, with no ideas for my games... should I make my animated series in progress a game? It's called Furry Fury and highlights Hawk Moth's descent into pure insanity.
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    You were posting like every day then suddenly disappeared, was wondering if the temp job took all your game development time or if something had happened to you! Glad to see you are still here and pursuing stuff!
    @Celestrium Thanks for the concern, I'm fine! Temp job is demanding! I'm heading to Orlando for Christmas, so I should have more time to work on my games. Fandom Scouts and Magi in Ponyland are still in the works, and I'm trying to make Angel of Justice animations in Effekseer... I'm still not used to it!
    Been pretty busy... but I got a better headset for recording and listening today. Dad says that he'll consider taking me to Great Wolf Lodge for the first time once I finish summer classes (my final semester!) I'll be taking my plushie friends with me: Bendy, Lolbit, and Helen Henny. (I WUV PLUSHIES!)
    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I'm so excited! I've been exploring MZ a little, and I just downloaded Effekseer to make new animations. I have experience in 3D animation software, so I'll be pretty good at the whole "particle" thing. My first game on MZ will be Fantasy Force--starring a griffin, a dragon, and a pegasus fighting against the Dragon of Darkness.
    I was at another orientation yesterday and I realized I'll be working with an old friend! We met at the local water park a few years back and it was so nice to see her again! We had a chat, and next week when I officially start, I'll see if maybe we can trade our Zoom IDs so we can talk!
    I've signed up for a job training program for people with Asperger's Syndrome. I went to a "test run" today so they could see how well I did with simple jobs, and I amazed them. Most new people do it in 30+ minutes, while I finished in a mere 15 minutes. Gives me time to work on a screenplay for Studio MDHR...
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    It's cool that those exist now, they help you with the interview process too (that was always the most difficult barrier to employment for me, only overcome through meticulous self-discipline, a crazy deep dive into psychology to understand what normal people expected for me to reciprocate mixed with a healthy buzz of cannabis pre-interview to steady the nerves)?
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    Would have been a really helpful service for me a decade or so ago probably, I'm glad there are option available for people with aspergers nowadays to help them cope with the differences in the way their minds and normal societies are wired other than just forcing themselves to pantomime impulses they don't posses but which the lack of is generally viewed as intentionally rude at best by greater society.
    @Philosophus Vagus I know, Asperger's syndrome is so different from just the typical Autism. They might have some things in common, but I know that I don't fit in with people with just Autism. I'm on the high-functioning end of the spectrum, so I fit in with other high-functioning people in terms of support systems.
    Mom got me RMMZ today... but though that was the pinnacle of today, there's other reasons it's the best day ever so far. We went to Chili's and got a Molten Chocolate Cake, and then Mom took me to our favorite craft shop. I even made her a card and sent her an audio clip of an 80's Chuck E Cheese birthday show!
    That moment when you die in Cuphead and you were literally about to defeat the boss...
    Sounds about right...
    That moment in Cuphead when you fall into a a pit with one hit point right before the boss in a run and gun:
    (Drops Switch Controller (yes I play on Switch))
    I give up!
    You'll notice I mentioned someone named Major Minty in my last update. Minty is actually my sona in the AU. She's a Magi with angelic powers, including the ability to shape-shift. I recently tried drawing her a security guard form called Security Minty, which is one way she goes undercover as an ordinary girl. I'll have more on my DeviantArt sometime soon.
    Soooo... I'm designing an animated music video to advertise Fandom Scouts. Glamrock Chica and Reformed Springtrap singing one of my favorite songs, "Painted Faces Remix" by Rezyon and Trickywi.
    The first game centers around the FNAF cast. The second focuses on the Undertale cast. And the third focuses on Major Minty, an Angelic Magi.
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my first day back to working on my project and i'm pooped!! hope to get back in the rhythm soon!
I just came up with a very original RPG Idea. This is so well written that it might be the first RPG I actually finish making. (I’ve stopped all my projects halfway through development. I don’t think this one will be the same.)

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