I'm the essence of everything positive, an awesome gamer and developer, a budding filmmaker... so much about me! I did have another account here before, but I was younger back then, and I stopped using it because it got hacked. I used to hate Cuphead, but enh, he's cute. Besides, why hate it if so many people like it AND it's wholesome?
My latest project is likely to be my best ever. I may be an amateur, but thankfully I have this forum of awesome people to help me along! Even though I'm pretty good with art, sometimes I need a little help. In addition to my experience with Photoshop and GIMP, I'm taking a degree in animation. Game developing is just something else I enjoy, and I might eventually take a degree in that too. Anyway, I've left a link to my DeviantArt here on my page, so feel free to give it a look!
Jul 29, 1998 (Age: 22)
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Game designer, digital artist, and animation student. Awesomeness ensues!
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Gaming, art, music, animation




The life of a girl with PTSD is tough. You never know what will trigger you. Anything can remind you of that awful past. But I've found a perfect way to counter the stress: play video games. Or better yet, make them.
"Rainbows won't light up the sky unless you let it rain!" -Autumn Blaze, MLP G4



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Hey everyone! I'm back :D

Snow White? More like Snowhere to be seen amiright? Hahaha I'm so sorry!! :kaocry:
I'm working on a modding system of my game and I screw the game up, so hard that I have to access my backup in my hard drive ;-;
Stop shutting the damn power down! Why always like this
Working on a slightly experimental horror game. It will be finished in approximately 88888888888 years.
Y'all will enjoy it though, I put lots of effort into making it stand out.

It's called Red Light and it's inspired by another obscure RPG Maker horror game, but I don't want to give too much away just yet.
Ohh man, Weapon animations plugin feels so mandatory. Seeing that same image regardless of the icon of the weapon....ugh :p

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