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  • CONFIRMED! Reformed Susie and Alti-Bendy (Reformed Ink Bendy) are now in Fandom Scouts. As for FNAF characters, the JOLLY fan game characters are in. And I'm making a FULL game based on the "Bunny Call" story from Fazbear Frights... I heard it on YouTube, and it's awesome!
    Want a Ralpho sprite? No probs! I'm posting it with my FNAF sprites!
    So I worked a bit on Fandom Scouts last night and I am experimenting with a custom RTP/recolor tileset. Jolly's Fantasy World is in Fandom Scouts, since it's a FNAF fan game I'm very fond of, and the indoor ruins contain trees at one point, after you fall through the ground and enter the lower floor. (yes that is a nod to BATIM CH1.)
    So I just got back from SeaWorld and I'm back to working on my game. I'm stuck on Shadowstar, mainly due to needing two more princesses... I have all the canon and toy princesses, plus Sunset Shimmer just for kicks. I decided not to include Cadence since this isn't in that era. But... I'm going to have to design two OCs now.
    I'm on YouTube moderating for an America's Funniest Home Videos livestream. They love having me there and I know spam when I see it. Tonight I had to put 3 different people in time out due to them spamming random letters. Nobody else could chat with their messages in the way!
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    That's nice that they love you there, I know they won't for me, I'm hard to make laugh
    I'm heading back to Orlando tomorrow! My dad and I have forgiven each other, so we're planning to spend Spring Break together. We'll probably go to SeaWorld and Aquatica one day, and maybe even use my air fryer to make something to go with Dad's grilled steak. The train leaves tomorrow, and I'll be working on my game on board!
    Decided to work on Fandom Scouts today. I've decided that instead of using the generic "scrolling text" event that MV has (I'm using MV for FS, not MZ) I'll use the movie option. I'm still trying to find a way to get Premiere Pro to output the compatible format though. If anyone can give me some help, it would be greatly appreciated!
    So I'm resuming work on the Shadowstar Trilogy. I've decided that it will take place between the end of G4 and the start of G5, and two of the Lost Rulers will be Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer (who is the moon princess in my AU).
    I've decided to delay work on the Shadowstar Trilogy until we know more about MLP G5. And I've also decided to make "Attack on Equestria", the sequel, take place in the G5 world.
    In case you're wondering, Shadowstar and the other Alicorn Guardians are immortal. They gave it up for some reason, I'm not spoiling why. But until G5 is out, I'll work on Magi in Ponyland instead.
    I can't believe it... my mom is going to sign me up for the Planet Fitness down the street! I need to lower my cholesterol according to my doctor, and I'll need to lose some weight to fit into Helen Henny's skirt (I ordered a skirt for my mascot outfit and realized it was a bit too small). My doctor says I need to lose weight anyway.
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    I would be ticked off as well, and good luck with the thing...

    Hitting the gym can feel awkward at first but it gets better once you get familiar with things. Bring earplugs or headphones/earbuds if noises get to you easily (they do for me) though. If being around crowds is tough, mid-morning and early afternoon (after people come in on their lunch breaks) is nice.

    Have fun, don't be afraid to ask questions, and good luck in your fitness journey!
    Thanks for the support guys! I hope I can reach my goal before May 27 (Helen Henny's birthday). I'll need to fit in my Helen Henny costume!
    I just can't walk to the store for lunch without walking past people smoking. It not only smells bad, it's probably poisoning me. I'm afraid I'll eventually have to be hospitalized. I can't take another path because there's too much traffic and drivers in the plaza are reckless sometimes. I almost got run over once, even after looking both ways.
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    It's obviously a conundrum. Being rude wouldn't be smart, and you're in a tough spot... Is there any other places you can go to? I'll be praying for you either way!
    I have the same kind of issue with that kind of thing too, most likely due to my autism. For me it was tags and seams, and, like you, smoke. We (My family) use instacart to get things brought from the store to the house so that we can avoid covid, but I think that it could work for you in this situation. My uncle smokes, and we don't like to go his place either.
    Thanks for the support, @Nenen . But unfortunately, I can't go anywhere else without having to ask my mom to drive me.
    And thanks to @Tarzanthecat for your comment. I'm glad someone understands. I actually have Autism as well, so I guess we get each other.
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    Good news! My mom is already feeling better! Her fever has dropped, and she's not as groggy. She was so happy to hear that you guys wished her well. This is why I love you guys--my friends.
    I'm working on my Magi in Ponyland advertisement today. When it's finished, I'll put it on my YT and give you guys a link!
    I hate to use up my second post today but I have awful news. My mom just got her second COVID shot, which is good, but now she's sick with flu symptoms. It's a common side effect of the shot, but she's really sick and can't drive. Thankfully, I left her some of my homemade low-sugar ice cream, and I plan to make Japanese clear soup for us both.
    Hey... guess what? I found out that Eddsworld is back! Without Edd Gould, of course, but the new generation is a memorial to him. And as for LFS game news, I'm excited to announce the progress of the first Magi in Ponyland trailer, featuring Crusty the Cat--a lost character from the Pizza Time Theater!
    I never knew how to watch Eddsworld. I saw some episodes on YT but I didnt know whats going on. Is there an order in which I should watch these series or a site for them? Some people quite like it and I like cartoony - people style (but no childlish cartoony like more adult cartoony if u get me)
    @Froggo32 Actually, I'm the same way. I just like TomSka. Especially asdfmovie.
    lololo nice
    Yesterday was my last day of job training. I'll miss all my friends, but at least I'll have some experience to get a full-time job!
    EDIT: Forgot to mention... I passed my job evaluation with flying colors. yay!
    Edit 2: I meant my friends at work. I'm not leaving!
    I just feel an urge to reveal this... in Fandom Scouts, you can unlock Helen Henny by beating a secret battle. And she's super powerful! There are a few other secret battles that will unlock special characters to play as. For instance, beating Fetch's twin Ruff will unlock one of my Undertale OC's. The fandom is alive and well, folks.
    So, uh... I confess. I'm making a mascot suit of Bendy... for a video series. My version of Bendy is probably getting his own channel!
    Sooooooo... when I woke up today I realized the perfect inspiration for the Shadowstar saga had come. BTW, I'll reveal that Shadowstar's story goes beyond the original trilogy. There's the Magi in Ponyland trilogy, which isn't about Shadowstar but involves her, and the upcoming "Attack on Equestria". And there may be more coming.
    Today is Bendy's birthday, and I'm making a cake for my favorite plushie friend! In case you didn't know, I have a life-size plush of Bendy, and he's on my bed. My mom bought cake mix and buttercream frosting and now the cake is in the oven! Can't wait to frost it...
    Well, I'm just listening to Splatoon 2 soundtrack and I found Acid Hues. Now I'm hooked. Too bad I can't actually play it...
    Also I'm going to look for my Wii and play Rabbids Go Home when I get a new apartment. In my Helen Henny costume. Wow, right? Am I crazy? At least I know the head fits and it's comfy.
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