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  • I just had my first real fire. Dad made burgers for lunch and the grill caught fire. He tried to get water but I told him you should never put water on a grease fire. So I got him the fire extinguisher under the sink and we managed to put it out. I can still smell a little of the smoke coming from the patio, but at least it's clearing. It sure was scary though.
    My mom is finally coming home tonight! In the meantime, Wishful Wanda is back in production.
    So right now I've decided to do some work on Fandom Scouts. I even decided to add some Easter eggs that can be found by meeting difficult circumstances or going off the main map. I'm only revealing the first one: Helen Henny. Want to know who the others are? Keep an eye out for them in the game!
    I'm working on the FIRST feature-length movie to be posted on Lunar Flare 18+! If you're a Microsoft Sam fan, The Microsoft Sam Movie is for you! Can Sam, Mike, Mary, Mac Alex, Mac Zarvox, and Major Minty defeat Linux Anna and her master, Malak the Demon of Nightmares?
    Yes, Malak is going to send his nightmares from Dark Deception.
    Time to work on my games for once. It's been a while! On the top of my list is Attack on Equestria and a video for my ARG, TheDazzlingsAreBack.
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    Urk. ARGs. I'm sure playing them is fun, but my goodness, making one was the worst experience.
    I get what you're saying. TheDazzlingsAreBack has been sleeping for a while. If you'd like to see it, here's the channel:
    It centers around the Reformed Dazzlings/Sirens and their civil defense adventures in the battle against Professor N. Shroud (the enemy of Attack on Equestria).
    I'm currently waiting for a call from the job I applied to. I called them to follow up and now I need to wait for them to call back. In the meantime, the snake still hasn't slithered onto the glue snake trap. And I can't manage anything now because I stay up some nights completely terrified. It might be a harmless black racer, but then again, it could also be a more dangerous species.
    Hey everyone, good news! I'm feeling a lot better today thanks to bed rest, chicken soup, and eucalyptus baths. Not to mention taking some Advil for the fever.
    I have a snake invading my apartment right now, and thankfully the exterminator came today. One baby snake is enough to freak me out, so trust me, if the mommy comes out, I hope it gets stuck on my glue trap.
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Are home invading snakes common in your part of the world? Strangest thing I've ever seen come into my home over here were a couple of small birds. They flew in through a small opening in the wall where a vent should've been, but then couldn't figure out how to get back outside. When I tried to help them they freaked out and tried flying through a closed window.
    They're not too common. I live in Florida and we do get lots of roaches but I've never seen a snake living inside my home. Not to mention this is the first apartment where I'm living mostly on my own.
    So as I try to rest off this head cold, I realize that this morning, my mom gave me ALLERGY MEDICINE for a COLD. That's why it didn't keep working! I had to tell her what was in allergy medicine that made it work for allergies and not colds. She gets it now, lol. Well, at least I had an excuse to take a steamy eucalyptus bath and drink some Japanese soup.
    @HexMozart88 Lol, I have the same problem! Even after I drain the water, sometimes I get all lost in my own little world and keep laying there. The good news is that I'm not as wet when I get out...
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Older houses here have huge bathtubs. The house I grew up in had a tub you could completely submerge yourself in. Newer houses, however, have tubs the average man would struggle to lie down in comfortably, and lying down in a tub of warm, foamy water is the best part of bathing. So yeah, new tubs suck. lol.
    At least I finished the FNAF Girls audio before I got sick. Unfortunately this also means no other videos will happen, nor will game dialogue for Fandom Scouts or Attack on Equestria. Everything is off until the fatigue and fever is gone. I'm literally slurring my words, that's how tired I am.
    So the short I mentioned is part of the FNAF Girls series that accompanies Fandom Scouts, an RMMV game I'm designing. (Having multiple versions is awesome!) FNAF Girls centers around Chica, Mangle, and Roxanne, and their small adventures around the City of Dreams. This short involves Mettaton from Undertale talking to them and... being a bit lovesick.
    So we're heading back home today to prepare for the hurricane. I'm ready to stock up on canned soup and canned veggies, but I'm pretty sure everything will be out of stock.
    Happy Fourth of July my USA peeps! My dad and stepmom are taking me to a nice place for dinner tonight... then we're watching coastal fireworks from the balcony! Kay-Jay (stepmother's nickname) lives on the 18th floor, so we'll see a ton of those exploding colors...
    Considering the hurricane that's approaching, I have a feeling that this beautiful weather is the calm before the storm. But who cares? Severe weather is cool (I dabble in meteorology) and besides, I don't think the storm will rain out the big fireworks show on the coast. And RPG Maker doesn't exactly need wi-fi to run, but I'd better stock up on resources... unless the power goes out too, and then no computer.
    We're in Fort Myers now and my stepmom made reservations for the 4th at a restaurant I've never been to before. I hope I like the food. And even better, we can see fireworks from her balcony! She lives on the 18th floor of a high rise, and her room overlooks the water between the peninsula and Sanibel.
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