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  • I've been in Fort Myers since Thursday night. I'm going home tomorrow or the next day... lol, I desperately need a good taste of homemade Japanese food. I might not be Japanese or even Asian (I'm American born and raised), but I absolutely love authentic Japanese cooking. Restaurant food doesn't do it justice.
    Having fun in Orlando! We had a lot of fun at the arcade, even though I didn't win any jackpots this time, and then we went to Outback and got a Blooming Onion. Tomorrow we're driving to Fort Myers to see my stepmom.
    Now that I have the XP RTP back, I was looking through the files and found Fighter 7, the inspiration for my first sona! She's evolved since then, but it gave me such nostalgia!
    So yesterday Dad took me to Volcano Bay, and it was almost ruined by a thunderstorm... then it passed by and the lightning warning got lifted, leading to an awesome time sliding and swimming. Hopefully we get to go to the arcade tonight. The one we're planning on has a restaurant built in with AWESOME food. Not to mention how big the arcade itself is!
    Back in Orlando! We're off to a water park today--one in a LAKE! I've been there before, but now they've added more features during the quarantine, so I can't wait to check it out! It's finally open again and I'm so excited that I'm going to get my swimsuit on RIGHT NOW!
    I've been designing Mangle's Kyuubi form today. She has four tails, and slowly is working her way to nine. Tangle and Lolbit have three tails, and Xangle has two. Lolbit is a minor character however, despite being a cousin of Mangle. So far, she only has one planned scene.
    I'm excited tonight. I'm creating a BFDI movie that crosses over with the foxes of FNAF. The whole story centers around three Kyuubi sisters--Mangle, Tangle, and Xangle--who are descendants of the original Mangle. Their battle is against a powerful demon who has possessed Four and turned him on his friends. Four's powers are really overwhelming him now... can Mangle and her sisters save him?
    More on my DA soon.
    Just so you mods know, I did pay to own RMXP at one point, and I miss it... since I paid for it, I know I'm allowed to use the XP assets. One of my games will likely be using them, except enlarged to fit MV/MZ (I found them here on the forum already resized). So if I post an MV or MZ game with XP tiles/music/sounds, know that I do legally own RMXP.
    @slimmmeiske2 Well, I don't even use the associated email address anymore, since it got hacked. I used to get my accounts hacked a lot back then because I had awful passwords. I don't even think I can get in.
    Doesn't enlarging result in low resolution?
    Not if you do it in a certain way. Photoshop is much better for such a thing.
    BIG NEWS! I just got home from my second COVID shot. I'm fully vaccinated now! No more wearing my mask! And in addition, I'm hoping to get a Windows computer when I can afford it, and once I do I'm getting a fresh copy of RMXP! The only reason I'm doing that is to run Pokemon Essentials, as I have a game I want to make.
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Yeah, the less people the virus has to infect, the harder it will be to find a more vulnerable host. It's why vaccines are so important.
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    I know someone who caught COVID and they said they barely experienced anything; said they felt a bit under the weather for a while and that was that. Of course, others react very differently. With my asthma, I'm sure I'd suffer badly, perhaps even die, since I already suffer greatly at the hands of the regular flu and need yearly vaccinations for that.
    I haven't gotten COVID yet, thank goodness! I had to take monthly COVID tests at therapy camp, and they always came out negative because I wore a mask every day, washed my hands, and used TONS of sanitizer. I recently had a test when I got a bit sick, and luckily that was negative too. Now I have even more protection!
    So I just got over a major wave of depression. Thankfully I was able to get out... I think I just need a change of pace.
    So... who remembers Tattletail? And who wants Waygetter to come out of hiding and make a Tattletail 2? Or even a real Tattletail toy? That was my obsession before discovering Bendy, and no doubt I still remember it fondly.
    I do. I didn't play it myself but I watched Markiplier, 8-BitRyan and a few other youtubers play it. I liked it but tattletail could be so annoying sometimes XD When you're trying to hide from Mama but he keeps blabbering. Yeah I'd like a sequel.
    I never got to play it either, but I just discovered it's still out and AVAILABLE FOR MAC. I might end up trying it as my Christmas Special.
    I'm going to be on YouTube tomorrow for Helen Henny's birthday! We will be answering questions, talking about the upcoming game Attack on Equestria, and enjoying Chuck E Cheese party music! I'll also be sharing some fan art that I made of not just Helen, but the rest of the characters I like. And I'll be showing off my Helen puppet too!
    Searching for FNAF models for C4D (I'm in the trial version, so I might never get to use them before it expires) and none other than Bendy pops up in my search. My first reaction was "EEEEEEEEEEEE!" and then after a little while I was like, "wait, that was a search for FNAF Sister Location models." Well, at least I know I can animate my little troublemaker too.
    Circle, circle, dot, dot... I got my first COVID shot! And I barely felt it, which shocked me. Usually having Autism causes my sense of touch to be amplified! I go for my second dose in June.
    Another update, this time on moving. I got the keys to my apartment today, but it was poorly cleaned/repaired. They're working on it, don't worry!
    Just got back from work... I got to recommend a dish I liked to a group of senior ladies, and they said they'd order it for dessert! What was it? CHURROS! It's one of my favorite desserts at my workplace.
    What's your favorite dessert? I'll eat any pastry with cinnamon and sugar, but especially churros. And then there's chocolate... omg, so good!
    I miss my friends from the work experience program... maybe once I move, I'll have a little party with them. I'll even show them my games and perhaps my puppets. Did you know I make working puppets?
    I just booked a spot for my COVID vaccine today. I am just waiting to see when they can get me in. I'll be so happy when I don't have to be paranoid about the virus anymore. I'm also thinking about moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Denver, Colorado, or Houston, Texas in the far future. Maybe once my channel gets off the ground.
    Peeps, can we just take some time to appreciate the mods here? They're so friendly, and they're always there for us when we need help. Now that I've been here for two years, I want to thank the mods and admins for keeping it positive here on the forum. They're the reason I've stayed so long! Here's to you!
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so... I decided since a park was an area in my game... here's an enemy that's slide with a hand behind it. cause why not.
Hot chocolate and music make studying and note-taking much easier :kaoluv:
Until my hand cramps up from writing too much!
Doing RPG Maker News for 21st September 2021

Malak is still waiting for Dark Deception Chapter 4... This was him yesterday after another sugar crash.
Again, he's fine. He's just bored at this point, considering he's exhausted his entire vacation bucket list.
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