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    SRD Translation Engine: Changing the language on event.

    Works perfectly, wish I knew something about coding lol. You're a life saver, man! :ywink:
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    SRD Translation Engine: Changing the language on event.

    This actually works but doesn't save upon closing the game, when you open it again, the language has reset. Is there a way to fix it?
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    Yanfly Profile Plugin picture gets cut off

    So I'm having this problem with Yanfly's profile plugin, where each line of text cuts off the picture in the profile page. I've been looking around and saw that other people have the same problem but I couldn't find any solution whatsoever. My plugins are updated and I followed the right...

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So, uh, has anyone tried buying any resources from KokoroReflections? Because I've been looking for a 'buy' button on the site for like 10 minutes now and can't find one.
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