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  • Hah, in the end it was a problem in our end. I got too eager to create the DLC bundles that I left some data that was persisting on the live branch and no matter how many times I was fiddling with the test branch, the live branch overwrote all my editions because of priority.
    I can imagine how big the tutorial is going to be when I'm done finishing my project. I desire to share as much experience with the newbies as possible.
    There that I thought we could advance with our tests with Steam's SDK and we stumbled against yet another problem. We wanted to test out the ownership of the DLCs but those changes don't get reflected on the list of owned DLCs. Anyhow, I've sent a ticket to Steamworks support to see if they can glean an answer. To wait again.
    I'm so happy! Steam reached to me and said that I can request as many DLCs as I need for the visual novel or any other future projects I had in mind. That means I can fully commit to finishing the visual novel knowing that I'll be able to release its 72 chapters on Steam without choking their systems :D All my yes :mr_bison.gif:
    So, Steam has a 10 DLC cap by default for developers, uh? Let's see about it.
    Stellaris has 18 DLC. O.O
    I think there's a train game that has around 200 DLCs.
    Ah thanks for the heads up. I didn't know about those games but I'll bear them in mind next time I discuss the DLC cap of Steam :)
    With another success on my belt of developer amateur, I can find at last some modicum of peace before I tackle the issue of how to DLC using Visual Novel Maker and Steam. Yo, I can foresee the rollercoaster of cranial pain looming on the horizon just by thinking about it, heh...
    Phew, after much headache, managed to make achievements to work with my test build.
    Next step, to wonder about the DLC system. With any luck and with all this data, there is enough material for 2 or 3 video tutorials to make in the future, so to help others wrap their heads about the sorcery behind Steam's SDK xD
    Sketching on Milanote the new script of the system I plan to implement for VNMaker. This is making me learning Coffeescript through a crash-course I never thought I would ever take in my meager career as writer, but brings back fond memories when I was forced to learn RUBY for RPGMaker XP back in those years. Oh dear... :LZSooo:
    Wondering how to force a Save State in VNMaker with a name and how to call it with a scene event in order to double check if this Save State exists or not. Phew... Leaving breadcrumbs for chapter DLCs to pickup would be more than half the fight in order to finish this visual novel :LZSsad:
    Please use the forum to ask for game help.
    I did before I updated my status, but I can't double post on my thread as per etiquette to make it more noticeable. Is it bad to post these kind of questions on the status too?
    Awaiting moderation for my first question in the support section, while I'm trying to see how in tarnation one can edit the avatar for this forum.
    Thanks to spammers, you need to have a thread approved before you can set up your profile. You should be able to edit your avatar now.
    Ah, thank you! I was wondering since I never had a problem setting up avatars after posting my first question on a forum. It's good there is such a measure to avoid spammers. Wish others had it in place too lol
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